What is bamboo and why is buying a bamboo mattress a wise choice?

Bamboo is a perennial plant that grows extremely fast. Additionally, the bamboo plant can grow at a rate of 30 centimetres per day. Stems are mainly hollow with regular rings giving them enormous strength. Bamboo forests form a dense undergrowth and old roots continue to live.

Furthermore, bamboo is a self-sustaining crop. Therefore, bamboo requires neither composts nor pesticides! Also, inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties protect these plants from insects. When their leaves fall, they provide natural fertiliser. With all those mentioned above, it is worth it to investigate the Bamboo Mattresses.

bamboo is sustainable, thus it is good to get a bamboo mattress

Before You Buy A Bamboo Mattress

Bamboo mattresses are new buzzwords in our increasingly environmentally aware society. Understanding the differences between the many bamboo mattresses on offer is vital. Firstly, the reason buyers are going for bamboo mattresses is the assumption that buying such a mattress will be less impactful on the environment.

Finally, there are many Bamboo Mattress varieties. Avoid rushing out to obtain the first bamboo mattress or topper you discover. Approach your bamboo mattress purchase as you would any other mattress investment. The Mattress Warehouse sells quality mattresses. We endeavour to provide the best possible service to our customers. To find out more about Bamboo Mattresses read further.

Questions To Ask:

Before you buy your new mattress it is essential to do research about the product. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you need a soft or firm mattress? How much would you like to spend on a mattress? Once you have answered these questions you could browse through the various options on The Mattress Warehouse Website. Below is a summary of a few quality mattresses. These Mattresses all contain Bamboo Fibre.

Bamboo Mattress Options:

Sealy Crown Jewel Adizo

The Sealy Crown Jewel Adizo mattress has a luxurious Bamboo Quilt. Bamboo Textiles will provide relief to your body. Additionally, the mattress is covered with a layer of latex and foam.

Sealy Clare Pampertop

The Sealy Clare Pampertop mattress is covered in Zoned Bamboo Fabric. An additional benefit of the Bamboo Fabric is that the mattress is soft to touch. Furthermore, bamboo fabric provides freshness to the mattress. Another well-known benefit of Bamboo fabric is it’s anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite properties. Lastly, this soft mattress is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Sealy Crown Jewel Laney

the Sealy Crown Jewel Laney is a bamboo mattress

The Sealy Crown Jewel Laney has a quilted top layer that contains bamboo fibre. Additionally, the quilted bamboo material provides softness and will shape your body. Furthermore, the mattress is filled with wool and will provide bounce and firmness. If you suffer from allergies, this mattress is an excellent choice. Finally, this mattress is well suited for all sleeping positions. An ideal choice for the hospitality industry.

Sealy Serowe Gel Plush

The Sealy Serowe Gel Plush Mattress is covered in Zoned Bamboo Fabric. Furthermore, this is a soft to the feel mattress. An additional benefit of the Bamboo Fabric is that it is an anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite textile. Moreover, this is the ideal mattress if you are suffering from allergies. Finally, the Sealy Serowe Gel Plush Mattress is ideal for side and back sleepers.

Advantages Of Bamboo Fabric

  • Bamboo Fibre is environmentally friendly. The plants are not treated with pesticides. A safer choice mattress that does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Another benefit of Bamboo Fabric is the anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite properties. An ideal mattress choice for those suffering from allergies.
  • Thirdly Bamboo Fabric is fresh and breathable. An ideal fabric to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Also, an ideal mattress to regulate body temperature.
  • Bamboo plants are strong and therefore the fibre of the textile is durable.
  • Bamboo fibre provides added softness to the sleeper. The mattress will take the shape of your body.
  • An environmentally friendly choice.
  • Bamboo Mattresses provide spinal support.

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