Are you getting the type of sleep that makes you wake up every morning refreshed and rested?

Sleep can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. Depressions and positivity, purpose and wandering around doing nothing. Sometimes only for a day, sometimes for longer, depending on your sleep schedule. Even though it seems ridiculous, the way sleep can affect us and our moods, and therefore our actions, should not be underestimated, minimalized, or forgotten. If you are struggling with productivity at work, being in a negative mood, or simply don’t have as much creativity and initiative as usual. If this is you, but you don’t know how to fix it, or you don’t really think sleep is that important, read on!

Sleep is one of those things that we can’t manipulate with a quick fix. Sure, there is caffeine, but that just leads to even more problems, like a drop in energy once it wears off, and jittery nerves, not to mention an addiction to it that leaves you crippled without your coffee fix. The only thing that gives energy, peace, and the rest we need is the right amount of sleep. As with everything else in nature, sleep works on a cycle, and it’s when that cycle is disrupted that we feel uncomfortable. Although sleep generally works in 90 minute cycles, it’s also a very accommodating system. As long as your body’s clock has a constant to measure against, like waking up at a certain time every day, it will adjust your body accordingly, and you will feel rested when you wake up – unless you are getting too few hours. This is why it’s important to stick to one waking time, but why should you get a certain amount of hours? To allow for the process of sleep and it’s regeneration to be complete. It’s only after a certain amount of time that your body truly enters deep sleep. The least you should get? Six hours: two cycles of the different stages of sleep.

So, how do you get this sleep you need? Sometimes laying yourself down on your bed and closing your eyes doesn’t always work, or even if you are sleeping 9 hours, you still feel tired every morning? It’s not only the amount of sleep you get, but also the quality, and quality sleep is ensured by having a good environment. A room that is noisy, not dark enough, or a bed that’s uncomfortable will make your sleep restless and ineffective. The Mattress Warehouse can help you with your bed! There is evidence that shows we sleep better in a cold room, as long as the bed we are sleeping in is warm! Do you know what a difference winter bedding makes to making your bed warm without making your bedding bulky, heavy, or difficult to make? The cotton flannel material used to make the sheets stays warm and creates a heat trap around your body. The best kind of sheets (like those sold at The Mattress Warehouse) are made with 100% cotton.

As well as a warm bed, you should have a comfortable bed. This means something that’s so perfect for you that you just drift off to sleep, with no effort, no tossing and turning, and no aching back or hip in the morning. At The Mattress Warehouse, we sell beds of every kind, from foam mattresses, like memory foam, latex, and high density foams, to every kind of innerspring, like pocket coils, bonnell coils, and continuous coils. This means that we sell Edblo, Cloud Nine, Simmons, Serta, and whatever other kind of mattress you are looking for.

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