Are you having trouble sleeping with a cold? Here are some tips on how to raise your head with pillows, and what type of foam bed to buy.

If you have succumbed to the winter cold that is roaming around, you probably feel the same way I do: headache, sensitive sinuses, and just generally pretty miserable. When you lie down, it feels like your head is filling up to the point of explosion.  Does sleep seem impossible, like a longed for dream? If so, you may find these tips on how to sleep well with a cold useful.


Sleeping position: Don’t make the mistake of stacking an extra pillow on to raise your head. This may temporarily feel better, but it actually blocks your breathing passages even more by pushing them flat. Rather buy a memory foam pillow that will gradually raise your upper body, or simply arrange two pillows in a triangle shape to support your shoulders and head. Just simply making your pillows higher forces your chin down, which may feel like it drains your sinuses, but it also cuts off your breathing channels. The triangle, as long as the pillows aren’t too high, lifts you up more gradually, keeping your breathing channels open as well as preventing you from waking up with a stiff neck. The right type of pillows would be something durable and soft, like our microfiber pillows. This is true of your pillows even if you’re not ill, if your pillow or pillows are too high, you’re twisting your neck unnecessarily, making for a painful neck. A good guideline for a pillow is one that keeps your neck in line with your spine.

Sleep on your side: This allows your sinuses to drain, and one nostril to be open to allow you to sleep. It’s also the position that your breathing channels are the most open in, so it allows for the best breathing that you can possibly get while being so stuffed up. If you are naturally a side sleeper, you will know that a foam mattress is generally the best kind for this position, as it feels the most comfortable. Side sleepers should have a medium firm mattress to allow for the hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress and not have too much pressure on them, but still to be supported. If you have an old, lumpy spring mattress that might be making your sinusitis even worse, as old mattresses are filled with dust mites and old skin cells. Breathing these in will block you up even further. Foam is hypoallergenic, repelling dust mites, and it will keep the air around you clean. At The Mattress Warehouse, we sell memory foam, latex, and high density foam mattresses from Cloud Nine, Genessi, and Universe Bedding.

Keep your room warm and moist to make breathing easier. Dry air makes it harder to breathe and dries out your mouth and nose, which are already feeling raw. Use a humidifier to keep the air moist. Don’t make the air too warm, as this will encourage the bacteria to breed.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s your bed… Even if you don’t have a cold, having a bed that keeps you awake will lower your immune system, making you more open to getting the cold your neighbour in the next cubicle has. The Mattress Warehouse sells beds, mattresses, linen, bases, base covers, bedroom furniture… everything bedroom related! Let us help you to sleep better. Buy a new bed from us online here, or call us on 0861 007 000 today!