Buying a new bed can be tricky, but here are some guideline to help you choose from the right brand.

What do you look for when you buy a bed? Is it what the bed’s made of, like a foam bed rather than a spring bed, or vice versa? Or is it simply that it needs to feel right? Everyone has their own personal reference with regards to how firm or soft their bed should be, and even what constitutes firm or soft. One person’s firm might actually be another’s gentle firm. Each bed brand also has its own feel. But mattress shopping doesn’t have to be difficult at all, you just need to know what to look for.
Yesterday I was in a Hi-Fi Corporation and I walked past the beds on display. They had divided the beds into firm, gentle firm, and soft. The only beds on display were Sealy, and both the soft and gentle firm mattresses had pillow tops. I decided to try them out. The soft one was SUPER soft, like as soft as the Crescendo  by Simmons, but they don’t really display what was inside the mattresses. I thought that showing their mattresses by their firmness was great, because anyone could walk in and try a mattress, but I was disappointed by their small range. At The Mattress Warehouse, We sell beds by Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Edblo, Cloud Nine, you name it, we have it.
Each bed brand has its own special feel, and some people get  really attached to their beds. There are those who can’t sleep on anything other than a Cloud Nine, which is why it’s important to display all the different beds in a showroom. You may be sleeping on a bed that’s wrong for you, but lie on the one that suits you perfectly when coming to buy a bed at The Mattress Warehouse!
Beds on display in a store...
Beds on display in a store…
Sealy is an American brand with spring cores and foams on top. They are quite soft, with thick mattresses. If you like a thick bouncy mattress with a soft feel, a Sealy mattress might be the right one for you! A mattress should not only feel good when you lie on it, but also support your back by being right for your sleeping style.
Your body needs a firm and level bed
Your body needs a firm and level bed

If you are a stomach sleeper, a firm mattress will support your lower back and give you a good night’s rest . Generally your firmer mattresses that are popular with stomach sleepers are Cloud Nine, which are foam mattresses.  There are firm spring mattresses too though, such as Rest Assured’s MQ10, you might prefer one of those.

For a side sleeper, a gentle firm mattress is best, as the gentle firm will keep your keeps cushioned, and prevent tossing and turning. keeping your spine aligned. You might also like something very soft, but generally memory foam works best. It can be both soft and supportive. Silentnight for springs and Genessi for foam beds will work well for a side sleeper.
A memory foam bed will allow your body to have its natural curves+
A memory foam bed will allow your body to have its natural curves
A back sleeper needs a soft bed to keep their lower back supported. Someone like a Simmons, with soft pocket coils, or the soft but supportive Genessi  beds.


This bed has individualised support for your back.
This bed has individualised support for your back.
Feeling more confident about buying a bed? Whatever you need know, The Mattress Warehouse  will help you buy the mattress you need! Call us today on 0861 007 000 for expert help, or buy online here.