Beds for sale: Go on and spoil yourself with a new mattress this Christmas

2016 is drawing to a wonderful close and while you might be enjoying some downtime, you might be interested in knowing that there is a way that you can take this feeling of relaxation into the New Year: with a new bed.

These are our beds for sale that have been reduced in price for the festive season!
These are our beds for sale that have been reduced in price for the festive season!

Having a look at the many beds for sale from The Mattress Warehouse is bound to get you excited about a fresh new start, and buying a new mattress this Christmas is the best way to give yourself a comfortable present that will provide you with great sleep for years to come.

Living your life as best you can is often heavily reliant on the quality of your nightly rest. If you aren’t sleeping comfortably on a supportive mattress every night, you might just see that the day to day tiredness gets to be a little too much. Not getting enough quality sleep has also been linked to numerous health concerns as well as playing a big role in your moods.

Time and again you will read that nothing less than good quality sleep is enough to get you happily through each day and to deal with the stresses associated with modern life, but rarely do we look at the most simple cause of bad sleep.

A bad mattress or a mattress that is not suited to your body type is usually the leading cause of restless sleep. If you are looking to make a change in the New Year, you should first consider buying a new mattress from the selection of beds for sale in our store.

Now might be the best time to spoil yourself with a new mattress

Our mattresses for sale are available all throughout the year, but now could be the best time to buy, with the numerous bed specials currently available from The Mattress Warehouse. Buying a great quality mattress at a wonderfully affordable price can brighten your world by treating you to sleep unlike you have ever had before.

Serta beds for sale, Sealy beds, Genessi beds, GreenCoil beds, Majestic beds and Simmons beds are just a few of the beds that we have available for you to choose from. When you are shopping with The Mattress Warehouse, you are getting great beds at wholesale prices and we also offer free delivery.

Here are some of the festive deals that we have available this Christmas

Rest Assured beds for sale

Rest Assured Hip Master - Queen Bed

We have slashed the prices of these beds and some of them are now available at half of their original price. These great deals offer you a quality bed from the famous Rest Assured brand which is renowned for their luxurious support and comfort. We have the Hip Master King and Queen sized Beds, the Supapaedic King, King XL and Queen Beds, and the Dual Flexopaedic Queen and King XL Beds on sale for the festive season.


Cloud Nine Beds for Sale

Cloud Nine Superior Comfort - Three Quarter XL Bed

The Superior Comfort bed is now on sale for a great price and it is available in the three-quarter size. Cloud Nine Beds are South Africa’s favourite bed brand and you will love the kind of quality sleep you will enjoy every night.  The Cloud Nine Vogue bed is also currently on sale and is available in Queen Size, the ideal size for couples sharing a bed or those who love to have the extra space!


Strandmattresses for Sale

Strandmattress Kip Well - Double Bed

South Africa’s own mattress brand is bound to give you the exceptional comfort and relaxation that you have been looking for. Strandmattresses are fit with memory foam and other types of comfortable fabrics, foams and fibres to give you the most comfortable sleep night after night. Now on sale at The Mattress Warehouse, you can buy the Strandmattress Spine Saver Queen Size bed and the Strandmattress Kip Well Double Bed.


Fabbro beds for sale

Fabbro Venezia - King Bed

Fabbro Beds are one of our best quality beds for sale. Made from the finest materials, these Italian beds came to The Mattress Warehouse this year and have been an instant hit with our customers. This festive season spoil yourself with the Fabbro Venezia King Sized Bed, now on special!

You deserve to treat yourself this Christmas and the best way you can do that is by buying one of our beds and giving yourself the ultimate gift of great sleep. Come and visit us at our mattress factory or shop online today!

We wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!