All of us like to have breakfast in bed. Especially when it is a cold and cloudy morning and staying in bed seems like the best plan for the day. Moreover, breakfast is one of the best meals to have by far, so why not make it even better by having it in bed, right? However, have you ever tried dinner in bed? It may sound a bit absurd at first, I mean, who gets in bed to have dinner? Sure, to just stay in bed for breakfast sounds reasonable, but getting in bed to eat..?

But here is the thing. What if you never got out of bed to begin with? Maybe you decided to just lie in and watch movies with your loved one all day. Or maybe you were too sick to go to work and just stayed in bed to get some rest in order to recuperate. All of a sudden dinner in bed doesn’t sound so far fetched anymore, does it? By now you should also have realised that we are not talking seven-course deluxe dinners, just good ol’ comfort food. But then again, some of the dishes you’re about to discover can give off some serious romantic vibes…

breakfast in bed

Dinner in a bowl

If you can keep the food fairly simple it always helps. Because let’s be honest here, no-one likes having to wash the linen because of spilt rice or peas. So if you make dinner in a bowl, try to use chunky ingredients that can be easily spooned or forked up. Use pasta or thick noodles instead or rice or quinoa. My wife makes this amazing chilli bowl that is stuffed with beans and chunky peppers. If that is not an ideal meal to have in bed, then I don’t know what is… However, there is a slight problem with this meal. Sleep specialists warn us not to eat too much spicy food before bedtime because it can stimulate our brains to stay alert, thus extending the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. So maybe have the chilli bowl for lunch in bed?

If spicy food before bed-time is unhealthy for us, are there other, healthier options of bowl food that we can have for dinner? Definitely! Have you ever heard of soup? It’s this weird runny dish that goes down extremely well with a thick slice of bread. Okay enough with the jokes. Of course, everyone has heard of soup before! Moreover, most people should have heard about how good chicken soup is for people with a cold or the flu. So if you are stuck in bed, sick and tired, ask your partner to prepare you chicken soup for dinner.

You can always have a bowl of fresh salad with some avo and crispy broccoli in it.

dinner in a bowl

Romantic(ish) dinner in bed

A quick and easy dinner fix to have in bed is a plate of finger foods. It is easy to prepare and as a rule, finger sized bites aren’t super messy. Plus, having a nice finger food dinner by candlelight is quite romantic, don’t you think? If you do opt for the finger foods, please just be careful about which types of finger snacks you prepare. Unfortunately, cold meats like salami is a no-no before bed. The fat and the spices in cold meats, in general, is not conducive to a good nights’ sleep. Salt is also a stimulant that keeps the brain alert, so a cold meat platter with salt biscuits is out. Too bad, eh?

But do not give in to despair entirely. There is one form of cold meat that you can have before you hit the hay! Salmon comes to the rescue! In 2014 study researchers found that fatty omega3 acids hasten the onset of sleep in children. The study also found that children who eat salmon on a regular basis slept better and for longer than those that went without. So if you want a bit of cold meat in bed, get your partner to order salmon roses or sashimi!

Fruit, fruit and more fruit

banana for dinner?

With the salmon, you should eat a variety of fruits. Bananas are one of those wonder fruits that just seems to help for everything. When you feel tired, eat a banana for energy. If you can’t fall asleep, eat a banana to relax you. Such a cool fruit! But why a banana? How does it work? Bananas contain a lot of magnesium, which is an element that aids in muscle recovery and relaxation. This wonder fruit also contains serotonin, which is one of our feel-good hormones. Seratonin breaks down to melatonin, which is the major sleep-inducing hormone in the human body. So have a banana for dessert when you decide to have dinner in bed.

However, bananas aren’t the only fruit that can help you to fall asleep. Pistachio and almond nuts are also finger foods that you can have for dinner in bed. These nuts are both filling and they are packed with proteins. There is a certain amino acid, called tryptophan, that aids the brain to relax and to get the body ready for sleep. Almonds are stuffed to the brim with this amino-acid, and they also contain a fair amount of magnesium. Pistachio nuts are the nuts with the highest magnesium content, so like bananas, they can put your body in the right mood for sleep.

Kiwi is also a fruit that can help you to sleep better at night. Kiwi’s have high vitamin C and vitamin E content and they are also rich in serotonin (the happy hormone). A 2011 study found that eating kiwi’s before bedtime can help insomniacs to overcome their sleep disorder!

So what are you waiting for? Get in bed, get comfortable and get your partner to bring you a fruit and nut platter for dinner!

kiwi for dinner?

What shall it be tonight?

Dinner in bed anyone? Go ahead and make up your own recipes with the food types that we suggested. You can be as creative as you want! Just remember not to make the food to fine, because no-one likes to have crumbs in bed. Or at least, I don’t!

Please let us know in the comments what your favourite bedtime snack is or which meal you prefer to have in bed.