Can’t wake up?

After the Easter holiday, it’s a struggle getting back into an early morning wake up routine. On top of that, it’s getting darker and colder in the mornings, making it harder and harder to get up on time, and it’s not even winter proper yet! Are you dreading those cold mornings ahead when the last thing you’ll want to do is stick your toes out of your blankets, but you’ll have no choice? Here are a few pointers from The Mattress Warehouse for continuing to wake up early during the winter in the most pain free manner possible:

waking up sleepy

Set your alarm clock 5 minutes earlier than normal to give yourself a few more minutes to wake up.

The period between sleeping and waking is called sleep inertia, and can last from 15 minutes to an hour or more after your alarm goes off. There’s actually a word for that groggy feeling, it’s not just all in your head! Giving yourself this 5 minute buffer to acclimatise to the cold and to being awake will help you not to be late for school or work and allow you to wake up more slowly.

waking up snooze button

Try not to hit the snooze button more than once.

Hitting the snooze button just allows you to fall back asleep, but not properly, and not for a long enough period of time to do anything except make you feel even groggier when your alarm goes off again. Develop the habit of getting up the moment your alarm goes off to get your body into the habit of waking up and to stay more alert. It helps to put your alarm clock or phone on the other side of the room.

waking up REM sleep

Eliminate waking up in a funk (sleep inertia) by setting your alarm according to your sleep cycles.

Waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle disrupts your during the deepest part of your sleep, making it almost impossible to wake up and making you feel unhappy and tired. It will also make you sleepier the entire day. If you can arrange your sleeping and waking times to fall between sleep cycles, your waking up will be a lot less unpleasant, your day better, and you’ll feel more rested. There are quite a few cell phone apps to help you count back your sleep cycles (one cycle is about 90 minutes long), but one tool that I use regularly that works very well is a website called It has a user-friendly mobile interface, and it gives you the time you should sleep and wake, based on how much sleep you want.

waking up early

Make sure that your quality of sleep is good.

If you feel like you’re sleeping badly, you’re restless during the night, and wake up feeling unrested and irritable, you will not be able to wake up easily. This could be due to the mattress you are sleeping on. If you wake up with back pain, then the cause of sleeping badly is definitely your mattress sagging. If you wake up feeling stiff and with aching joints, numb hands, or a suffocated feeling, then your mattress is too soft or too hard for your needs and preferences. It’s important that a mattress cushions your pressure points by supporting your whole body, while not being too soft and making you feel enveloped, although these standards are both determined by personal preferences, there are some general guidelines to help you decide. If your mattress is ten years old or older, it’s probably sagging, damaging your back, and making you sleep restlessly to try to escape the downhill rolling of the mattress. If you’re looking for a new mattress, make sure you make an informed decision that will suit your needs without breaking the bank.

waking-up-soft-firm-mattress waking up mattress sag

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