How you can treat sleep deprivation without turning to medication

There are many factors that keep us from getting a good night’s sleep. Perhaps it was our previous engagements that needed our time and attention, perhaps it was something minor and not that important, or maybe it was just stress; in any case, you probably don’t have a sleep disorder you are just needing to catch up.

The most common cause of sleep deprivation is stress and stress is something we have all dealt with in our lives, and the chances are good that you may have been dealing with it today, as you read this article. We get it, there are some things out of our control that is the cause of this stress, or it is the feeling of helplessness itself that’s the cause. You’re unable to sleep and sleep is very important to function properly.

When it comes to getting the proper kind of sleep, without medication, then you need to put relaxation first.
When it comes to getting the proper kind of sleep, without medication, then you need to put relaxation first.

The first instincts of many would be to go to the doctor or to the pharmacy and get a prescription sleeping medication. These days, with so many people turning to medication before trying anything else, you might think that it is common to turn to a magic pill. But this is not always necessary as there are healthier ways to get to sleep.

 The methods you can use to treat sleep deprivation without turning to medication

Circadian Rhythm

We all have an internal rhythm of 24 hours, this greatly influences the quantity of sleep and the quality of it as well. The more stable and consistent it is, the better our sleep. There are many factors that may affect this rhythm, such as naps, bedtime, exercise and especially exposure to light. You should first start by removing the factors that affect this rhythm. Do not take excessive naps during the day, if you have excessive energy then it may be helpful to get some exercise to tire yourself (but don’t do it, right before you sleep) and finally make sure that you attempt to sleep in a dark room.

On a side note, your circadian rhythm can greatly benefit from getting more daylight. Melatonin is one of the most important hormones needed for sleep and you can get it from being in the sun. But if being outdoors is not a possibility, you can use a few alternatives such as a natural pill supplement, drinking cherry juice and eating bananas.

Stress Removal

We talked about stressors that affect with our sleep cycles, obviously, the best course of action would be to remove those stressors, but we all know that it’s not going to happen with the flip of a switch. However, you can attempt to get rid of them, temporarily. You can attempt meditation and clear your mind before you fall asleep, and while you’re at it, you can smell some lavender as its flowery scent relaxes the body and even helps with insomnia.

Take time for yourself and be sure to relax as much as possible before you go to sleep each night.
Take time for yourself and be sure to relax as much as possible before you go to sleep each night.

Try out Feng Shui

Some say that Feng Shui, the ancient practice of balancing energies in the home by arranging furniture in a certain way, can help to improve your sleep. If you are interested in giving it a shot, here are a few things that you can try:

  • Make sure you can approach your bed from all sides.
  • Allow air to flow freely through the room.
  • Position your bed so that you can see your bedroom door.
  • Keep your bedroom completely clutter free.

The most important thing that you can do for your sleep health is to be relaxed before bed, and let the day’s troubles be left where they belong. Here are just a few ideas to help you relax before bed.

  • Yoga and meditation are some of the most widely known and implemented relaxation techniques. Engaging in these will relax your body and mind before you sleep.
  • Try to clear your mind before you sleep. Write your thoughts on a piece of paper and then throw it away. This trick will help you clear your mind of negative thoughts. A clear mind is a more sleep ready mind.
  • Take some calming deep breaths, this activates your body’s naturally calming parasympathetic systems. Then you will fall asleep easily.

You don’t have to struggle with your sleep and you don’t have to take medication to get your sleep every night. There are other options that you can go with instead. If the problems are really serious, you can always choose to instead buy a new bed. At The Mattress Warehouse, you can find a great selection of new beds for sale.