Can you have a bed as amazing as a cruise ship bed?

Many people come back from an ocean cruise feeling like they’ve never slept better in their entire lives. Is it just the fresh ocean air and relaxing way they spend their days? It would seem from the way that people buy the same beds that are on ocean liners, once they’re back home, that those aren’t the only contributing factors! In recent years, luxury cruises have upped the ante on their bed quality, as they’ve realised how much difference a wonderful night’s sleep makes to their passenger’s overall enjoyment. The Mattress Warehouse looks at why the ships use these mattresses and what their benefits are, on land or off it.


The history of beds on ships is varied. Sailors in the navy since the 1590s have used hammocks, which were a lot safer than beds, because they couldn’t be thrown out of the hammocks and killed on high seas. They could also be rolled up out of the way, and are still used by many sailors today. Some were so accustomed to their hammocks that they used bring them home to sleep on too, finding them more comfortable than 16th century mattresses (which isn’t surprising, for the lower class, beds were musty piles of straw). What about the ship’s passengers? When pocket coils were invented in the late 19th century, they were so expensive to make, that only very expensive ocean liners (like the Titanic) had beds with pocket coils (and only for those rich passengers). However, the fact that the pocket coils were popular tells us something about what makes a comfortable bed at sea.

navy-hammocks titanic beds

Pocket coils are touted for their excellence at minimising motion transfer: i.e. one sleeper cannot feel the other sleeper on the bed when they move around, climb in (or) out, or toss and turn. This feature is also what makes them great beds for ships: they accommodate the roll and weight transfer of the ship without disturbing the sleeper itself. The most popular bed on board ships are those with pocket spring inners and memory foam comfort layers (similar to a Simmons or Rest Assured Evolution pocket coil beds). This is due to the properties of the pocket coils: the sleeper stays comfortably level, and the memory foam: the sleeper is kept from rolling around by the foam moulding to their body.


Does this design work back on shore too? From the number of people who buy beds from ocean liners who produce their own beds, or who check which beds were used in the cabin they slept on and buy the same one back home, it would indicate it does! Silentnight beds, most famous for their memory foam, also use pocket coils in some of their most popular mattresses, and the Simmons pocket coil mattresses are some of the most loved beds on the market.

The moral of the story? If you want to sleep like you’re on a cruise ship every night, then the beds you should consider are:

Slientnight/Spinalign Comfort Pocket

Simmons Beautyrest 

Edblo Pillow Top

The second aspect that makes people who sleep on cruise ships so enthusiastic about the ship’s beds is the bedding. Bedding, sheet quality, and pillow cases make a bigger impact on your sleep than you may realise. The thread count in the sheets used on board cruise ships isn’t astronomically high, about 300-400, but that is more than high enough for quality sheets. The sheets are also generally made from very high quality Egyptian cotton, which softens and wears very well, becoming more and more comfortable with use. A commercial brand that supplies this kind of quality linen is Wundersheet, making hotel and cruise ship comfort a fixture in your home.


Linen is something relatively small that will make a massive impact on your restful night’s sleep. Paired with a mattress that supports your body and gives true rest, your sleep can be as refreshing at home as it would be on a cruise ship rocking you towards the sunrise. The Mattress Warehouse sells all these beds and more, if you’re a firm mattress person rather than the soft of pocket coils, we have Cloud Nine too, and we have online buying facilities, or call 0861 007 000 and have your bed delivered (or shipped – pun intended) to your door.