Can you sleep healthily with your pet?

Our animal babies are dear to our hearts, and especially with cats, who is going to stop their pet sleeping on the bed? Should you want to? There are both benefits and drawbacks to having your pet sleep on your bed, but if you’re considering buying a new bed, you’re struggling with allergies, you might be rethinking it. Before you blame your pet for bad nights, consider your mattress. If it really isn’t that then maybe you should think about the effects of having youe pet sleep with you…



First, the benefits:

Bonding: For many people their pet is alone for 8 hours or longer a day while they are out at work. What better way to show your pet that they are still loved than allowing them to sleep close by to you? And who could deny the lonely look in their soft eyes? We South Africans love our dogs, and spoil them terribly.

sleeping with bed


Your mood: Doesn’t sleeping with your pet make you that much happier when you wake up in the morning and feel their weight at your feet? Waking up happy makes a huge difference to your attitude the entire day, so if your pet sleeping with you does that, you don’t want to let that go.



The drawbacks:

Allergies: If you have any hypoallergenic sleeping equipment, like a latex or memory foam pillow, you might as well throw it out, because it’s basically useless. Mattresses with fabric that fights bacteria, dustmites, and bed bugs, like the Silentnight silver treated beds and Simmons Oxy2 plus treated beds, will fight a losing battle against your pet, especially a dog. This is a problem if you are prone to allergies and even if you’re not, your respiratory system needs a rest from pollution, air-conditioned air and bacteria for a few hours a day, which is exactly the purpose of ionic therapy in Simmons beds. With your pet carrying bacteria and parasites of their own, this will compromise the quality of your sleep. Cats shed a lot of hair, with irritates your nasal cavities and cause you to wake up feeling groggy.



Having clean linen: Unless your dog (or cat) is inside the whole day and bathed way more often than any of us would have time to bath our pet, they ARE going to dirty your linen. If you want 300 plus thread count soft and inviting linen that is going to last and not always be covered in dust, hairballs and footprints, your pet is going to have to sleep on their own bed with their own blanket. Comforting linen is one of the biggest factors for a restful night’s sleep, and compromising on that might be what’s costing you shut eye.



A Peaceful Night: The cat moves from your pillow to on top of your feet to your lower back before bothering you to be let out, waits until you’re dropping off again and cries to be let back in. Your dog whines in his sleep, or barks at the slightest noise at the window. Pets don’t exactly give the most undisturbed night’s sleep ever. Studies show that every time you wake up, your body takes at least 15 minutes to get back into deep sleep again. If you’re waking up feeling unrested and you have a supportive, un-lumpy mattress, a pillow that’s the right height, and you’re getting enough sleep, consider the hard truth that it might be your pet’s sleeping habits.

dog take over


If you DON’T have a supportive mattress that cushions your pressure points, a pillow that’s not too high or too low, and attractive bedroom furniture then your pet might not be your problem! To buy today browse our site now! Order online and have your bed, side table, head board or delivered to your door, with service worthy of a king, and sleep peacefully every night, thanks to The Mattress Warehouse. Call us on 0861 007 000 buying a new mattress