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How to create a unique headboard with wood or fabric

The Mattress Warehouse sells a variety of pre-made headboards. However, these might not be the exact style or fit you’re looking for. Therefore, if you’re looking for some way to customise a headboard that’ll suit your budget and unique bedroom style then read on! At the Mattress Warehouse, we’re experts in the bedroom furniture business. […]

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How to choose a single bed for student bedrooms: affordable living

couches with blue pillows in a small apartment

Are you looking for a single bed for a university or college dorm room? The Mattress Warehouse is just the place to find a single bed for sale at an affordable price. We offer some of South Africa’s best student beds and mattress brands and we offer free delivery countrywide.  College and university is an […]

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The best headboards for bedroom styles

Blue tufted headboard

Headboards are the perfect furniture item to round off your bedroom’s look and style. However, there are many different headboards and bedroom styles and that makes it hard to find the perfect aesthetic match. Luckily, The Mattress Warehouse is here to help with that. With years’ experience in the bedroom industry, we’ll be sharing the […]

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What type of sleeper couch should I buy? A buyer’s guide

Sleeper couches are one of the main interior trends right now. Incredibly versatile and useful, these furniture pieces are quickly becoming a staple item in most houses. Having a furniture piece that can easily transform from a couch to a bed hosts many benefits. So, whether you’re just starting out or looking for an upgrade, […]

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Your Guide to The Mattress Warehouse’s Bed Collection

Humanity finds itself at a time of many, many available choices in our everyday lives. This is especially true when choosing a new bed. Thanks to technology and research, bed (and mattress) design have become a type of science in itself. It is easy to get lost in detail with so many new options at […]

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Mattress Research: Modern Lingo Explained

If you’re looking to replace your old bed or cater to an expansion in your family, you’ll want to conduct your own mattress research first. This will quickly expose you to lots of complex terminologies and other overwhelming phrases. Therefore, read on to brush up on your modern mattress lingo to prevent any confusion and […]

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