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Start 2019 with the right sleeping habits

We are already one week down in 2019. Isn’t it just crazy? Time just seems to keep on speeding up with every passing year! And as is the custom at the start of a new year, resolutions has to be made. But this year, please don’t just make resolutions, do resolutions. If you Google the […]

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How to catch up on a year’s sleep debt!

We are basically at the end of another year. Can you believe it!? 2018 is in the bag and in a week’s time, we say hello to 2019. This past year has gone by incredibly fast! It is almost unreal. And what a year it’s been! Work, studies, relationships and so much more. Can you […]

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Sleep apnea and its ability to cause brain damage

Sleep apnea and its ability to cause brain damage Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where a person experiences interruptions in their breathing while they sleep. Anyone can be affected by sleep apnea, even children. The disruptions caused by sleep apnea are recurrent and can sometimes happen hundreds of times a night if left untreated. […]

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Bedding, Pillows and Linen

Beautiful bed with two pink pillows and linen.

Bedding – mattresses, linen and pillows Sleeping aids play a vital role in all our lives, without them life would surely be less comfortable, and sleeping would be less restful. When considering sleeping aids one can visualise an array of gadgets. Modern-day sleeping aids such as sleep monitors, alarm clocks, wake- up lights and sound […]

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