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Bedding, Pillows and Linen

Beautiful bed with two pink pillows and linen.

Bedding – mattresses, linen and pillows Sleeping aids play a vital role in all our lives, without them life would surely be less comfortable, and sleeping would be less restful. When considering sleeping aids one can visualise an array of gadgets. Modern-day sleeping aids such as sleep monitors, alarm clocks, wake- up lights and sound […]

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Restonic, Our Brand Pick Of The Month!

Restonic was formed in 1981 and has subsequently become one of the undisputed powerhouse bed manufacturers in South Africa. The company has a lot going for them. Besides their well-priced and made beds, they have also adopted a customer-first approach while keeping the environment in mind and sticking to their vision – described by the […]

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Sounds to Help You Relax

For us city dwellers it is a rare and precious moment when we experience silence. Most of us can always hear some form of noise or the other. The hum of a far off airplane, the rhythmic rumble of a train, the constant flow of cars speeding down the freeway… These are just some of […]

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Gadgets to Help You Sleep

If you are new to this blog, you will soon come to realize that we are all about rest and relaxation. Not only do we believe that good sleeping patterns will improve your lifestyle in general, we know it. Therefore we try to help our readers to make informed choices about sleep. We are well […]

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The Ultimate List of Bedroom Accessories

Shopping List

There is nothing quite like escaping to your bedroom after a tough day. Sinking down onto your comfortable mattress, with your thoughts slipping away from the world can be just what you need.   But, in order to create the ultimate bedroom setting, you need to have the right accessories, not just to create the […]

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Top 12 Apps to Help You Sleep Better

12 Apps to help with sleep

Top 12 apps to help you sleep better Do you struggle to go to sleep? Wake often during the night? Or wake up long before your alarm rings in the morning? Do you feel fatigued? Sleepy? Grumpy? Do you struggle to remember things? Do you struggle to focus and concentrate? You might be one of […]

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Simmons Beds for Sale: Choosing Your New Bed

Why choose us?

Simmons beds are best described as affordable luxury. Ideal for every member of the family, our selection of Simmons beds for sale will support your sleeping body and indulge you in a great nights rest! Over the years, Simmons beds and mattresses have really exploded as a brand. Their beds are exported across the world […]

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