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Allergies? Tips To Clean Your Bedroom


Are you tired of waking up with a blocked nose? Use… Oh, wait, no. Wrong add. Let’s try that again. Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night to your partner’s snoring? Or do you wake up with itchy eyes and a runny nose, but you don’t know why? If you […]

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Exercise That Promotes Sleep

You turn around in bed… Again. It is nearly 2 am and you still haven’t been able to drift off to Dreamland. Somehow, even though your body and your mind are exhausted, sleep still eludes you. And to make things worse, this is not the first night that you can’t sleep. More like the third […]

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Bath Temperature Affects Your Sleep Quality

Bath temperature affects your sleep

There is nothing like a wonderfully warm bath before snuggling up in bed and going to sleep. Do you ever wonder why you feel so ready for sleep as you lay in bed after a lovely bath? The truth is that there is much more science to your pre-sleep bath than meets the eye. Bath […]

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6 Healthy Sleep Habits

Having healthy sleep habits is the pillar upon which health, wellness and productivity are built. Your daily routine, and especially your routine before bed impacts the quality of your sleep more than you think. In turn, the quality of your sleep affects more of your life than you expect. Your sleep habits can either contribute […]

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Light Pollution And A Good Night’s Sleep

Introduction Many people are not familiar with the term “light pollution”. A bit of extra light seems benign in comparison to, say, global warming. However, it is nothing to be camplacent about. It disrupts our endocrine systems and robs us of our sleep. In the long run, it makes us ill. In this article, we […]

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Pregnancy And Sleeping

You are pregnant, how wonderful! Along with the beautiful gift of pregnancy, you may find that you are noticing a change in your sleeping patterns. Take comfort, you are not alone! Most pregnant women find it more and more difficult to sleep well as their pregnancy evolves. Statistics show that as much as 97 per […]

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Create a peaceful environment in your bedroom

The week is only halfway and you are already feeling the strain. Work has been tough and your partner is away on a business trip, so there is no-one to help you cope. Sure, you have friends, but they are all just as busy as you are. So you can’t really go to them to […]

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Sleep Onset Insomnia/Sleep Onset Latency

Temporary, acute and chronic are the usual categories professionals apply to insomnia. Although treatment options are relatively standard, causes are extremely variable. They range from diet, to stress levels to bad sleep hygiene. People are less familiar with the term sleep onset insomnia or sleep onset latency. What is Sleep Onset Latency? Sleep onset latency […]

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The Case Of Caffeine And Sleep

Caffeine and sleep are not good bed partners! Moreover, caffeine is more commonly present in food and drink than you might think. Coffee is the first thought that comes to mind when hearing the word caffeine. Generally, non-coffee drinkers believe they do not use caffeine. However, coffee is only one of the foods and beverages […]

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How to become an early riser

Introduction “Early to bed, early to rise, will make you healthy, wealthy and wise.” Judging by Benjamin Franklin’s famous observation, getting up early has its ardent fans. In this article, we take a look at reasons for its popularity, and we get to the nitty-gritty on how to become one of the early risers. The […]

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