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Start 2019 with the right sleeping habits

We are already one week down in 2019. Isn’t it just crazy? Time just seems to keep on speeding up with every passing year! And as is the custom at the start of a new year, resolutions has to be made. But this year, please don’t just make resolutions, do resolutions. If you Google the […]

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How to catch up on a year’s sleep debt!

We are basically at the end of another year. Can you believe it!? 2018 is in the bag and in a week’s time, we say hello to 2019. This past year has gone by incredibly fast! It is almost unreal. And what a year it’s been! Work, studies, relationships and so much more. Can you […]

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Travelling and sleep

Boyfriend and girlfriend hugging yellow beanie turquoise earphone

Introduction There are fortunately numerous ways to encourage one’s body into deep and regular sleep even while travelling on a potentially uncomfortable and exhausting flight. The most straightforward way is to succumb to a deep drug-induced state by taking a sleeping tablet. The problem that many people have is that most of these have detrimental […]

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The Short and Longterm Effects of Poor Sleep

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  Experiencing a lack of sleep for just one or two nights may feel manageable for a generally fit and healthy person. After the initial feeling of tiredness that you experience first thing in the morning, you may begin to feel quite normal again. The problem arises when you get your ‘second breath’ after dark. It […]

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Sleeping Positions: Advantages and Disadvantages

Girl lying in fetal position on a white bed she is wearing a white t-shirt and blue pants

SLEEPING POSITIONS ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES Most adults consider a good nights rest as a paramount requirement for a quality life. Few regard the fact that there may be advantages to sleeping in one position over another sleeping position. The truth is that aside from the all-important matter of being comfortable, your sleeping posture influences the […]

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