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What is a memory foam mattress?

Find the perfect sleep position with memory foam A memory foam mattress combines a layer of memory foam with springs or support foam. Memory foam provides superior comfort and support for sleepers as it uses your body’s own heat to mould the mattress to your shape with its slow spring-back foam material. Eventually, over time, […]

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FAQ: Your Bed Questions Answered

The best place to obtain relevant information is not always from the experts who observe from the outside. Sometimes, it’s from those who have the experience, such as sleep companies. Furthermore, it’s also helpful to seek counsel from customer reviews. We’ve set out to answer the top bed-related questions out there. The Mattress Warehouse sells […]

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New Natural Latex Mattresses

The Mattress Warehouse has another interesting range of mattresses on our floors. These latex mattresses are by GreenCoil; they’re soft, bouncy, super comfortable and extremely durable. The mattresses have a pleasant, medium firmness level, and they come in every shape and size. Anything from pillowtop, eurotop, to a standard mattress. Not only are they amazing […]

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The history and advantages of hospital and adjustable beds

hospital beds with white linnen and green cover

From the very beginning of time, all human beings have needed a place to sleep. Likewise, all humans have at times required a more comfortable place to recuperate from illness or injury. Beds for patients were naturally very basic hundreds of thousands of years ago. They had their humble beginnings in the simple leaves and […]

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How to recycle and upcycle your old towels, duvets, blankets and bed linen

Wooden bed with white linen and white table next to the bed with a yellow cup on the table

Fortunately, there are infinite uses for your faithful old bed and bath companions. Imagination is the key to effective recycling which suites your circumstances. If you have dogs, use the old duvet covers to create a covering for a new winter mattress. Sew the covers according to the size of your dogs. Also, you can […]

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