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Sleep apnea and its ability to cause brain damage

Sleep apnea and its ability to cause brain damage Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where a person experiences interruptions in their breathing while they sleep. Anyone can be affected by sleep apnea, even children. The disruptions caused by sleep apnea are recurrent and can sometimes happen hundreds of times a night if left untreated. […]

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How to recycle and upcycle your old towels, duvets, blankets and bed linen

Wooden bed with white linen and white table next to the bed with a yellow cup on the table

Fortunately, there are infinite uses for your faithful old bed and bath companions. Imagination is the key to effective recycling which suites your circumstances. If you have dogs, use the old duvet covers to create a covering for a new winter mattress. Sew the covers according to the size of your dogs. Also, you can […]

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Dreaming – does it influence the quality of your sleep?

How often do you dream? Do you remember your dreams, do you like dreaming, do you have good dreams? This might seem like a series of random questions. But dreaming actually forms a big part of our lives! Whether you recall your dreams, or live under the illusion that you do not dream at all. […]

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