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Sleeping and Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution It is no secret that poor air quality, or air pollution, has damaging effects on our overall health. We usually think of air pollution as an occurrence that happens on the outside. However, did you know that indoor pollution can be just as bad? Mold, pollen, dust, smoke and gasses like carbon […]

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Does Sleep Make You Clever?

Do you believe enough sleep makes you clever? In order to thoroughly answer the question, one must clarify two aspects. Firstly, what do you feel is enough sleep? For many, 5 hours may appear to be sufficient. Consequently, that is what they teach themselves to cope with. Is barely coping mentally good enough for you? […]

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Dreams: Better Explained

dreams - young child with batman suit

Why do we dream? Although many theories, facts and explanations surround dreaming, it remains quite an unknown phenomenon. Why do we dream? Do we all dream? How can we remember our dreams? To answer this question, I will delve a little deeper into the possible reasons surrounding our dreams. Desires: Some believe that our dreams […]

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The history and advantages of hospital and adjustable beds

hospital beds with white linnen and green cover

From the very beginning of time, all human beings have needed a place to sleep. Likewise, all humans have at times required a more comfortable place to recuperate from illness or injury. Beds for patients were naturally very basic hundreds of thousands of years ago. They had their humble beginnings in the simple leaves and […]

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Sleep apnea and its ability to cause brain damage

Sleep apnea and its ability to cause brain damage Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where a person experiences interruptions in their breathing while they sleep. Anyone can be affected by sleep apnea, even children. The disruptions caused by sleep apnea are recurrent and can sometimes happen hundreds of times a night if left untreated. […]

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How to recycle and upcycle your old towels, duvets, blankets and bed linen

Wooden bed with white linen and white table next to the bed with a yellow cup on the table

Fortunately, there are infinite uses for your faithful old bed and bath companions. Imagination is the key to effective recycling which suites your circumstances. If you have dogs, use the old duvet covers to create a covering for a new winter mattress. Sew the covers according to the size of your dogs. Also, you can […]

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