Challenges And Solutions For Sleeping During Pregnancy

First Trimester

Sleeping during pregnancy can be a challenge. However, you may still be in your first trimester and sleeping more than usual at the moment. Consequently, you are most likely feeling that pregnancy is full of blessings. Moreover, with the promise of a new baby on the way you couldn’t be happier. Regardless of some unfamiliar tiredness, visions of yourself healthy and glowing, abound. The last thing on your mind may be any future problems of sleeping during pregnancy.

Besides, your doting other half smilingly fulfils your every wish. Your growing list of late-night food cravings is not a problem for him. In fact, he willingly bounds out of bed to collect your stir-fried vegetable and noodle order from the take-away. Regardless of the reality that it is 15 kilometres away, he does it with a smile on his face. In addition, he remembers to get your current favourite of honey and pickles for dessert on the way back from the kitchen. His support helps make sleeping during pregnancy a pleasure.

Nothing is too much for him. A cup of tea in bed before he goes out to the office? No problem, he will serve you tea every morning. When you are 20 minutes late for work, your boss waves away your apology with a smile. Surely life was never this good?! However, in time, you may find that sleeping during pregnancy does not continue to be as easy. Possibly, that is the one thing your partner may not be able to help you with.

Sleeping During Pregnancy Is Crucial

Getting enough sleep during the entire nine months is essential. Your wellbeing and that of your baby depends on it.  Besides, much takes place while you sleep. One of many crucial functions of sleep includes ensuring that hormones rebalance. Great hormone balance is key to all else going well. Hormones rule almost every aspect of emotional and physical health. The mind rests and recuperates, leading to mental clarity. Furthermore, cells regenerate, nerves restore and bones strengthen.

So, during your first trimester sleep as much as you need. There is a reason why you are often tired although you are resting more than usual. Remember, your body is growing a baby from scratch and you now need more rest than ever. Sleeping during pregnancy is a necessity not a luxury.

Sleep Now For A Healthy Tomorrow

Take heed and follow what your body is guiding you to do. Moreover, your baby needs to rest and benefits from all the healthy things you do. Lay a healthy foundation now. This will make the remainder of your pregnancy far easier. Sufficient, deep rest during your first trimester, ensures you and your baby start off on a healthy footing. Continuing to do what is beneficial from there onwards will lead to increasing and compounding benefits all round.

Your Second And Third Trimesters

Sleeping during pregnancy can become more challenging as time goes by. However, ensuring you have a good foundation that supports long slumbers certainly eases the situation. You may need to make a few basic yet impactful changes. Either way, you can remain in control of your sleep quality.

Sleeping during pregnancy can be tough during the second and third trimesters.

Time For You

Firstly, enjoy the pampering! You may need it to fortify you as time goes by. Your body is working extremely hard and you will be giving your all once your baby arrives. Consequently, pregnancy is a time to be especially good to yourself. Initially, taking care of all your wants means you end up being relaxed and content. After all, a content mother makes for a happier and healthier baby. Next, making sure you get enough sleep from the beginning, is as important as getting all the nutrients you require.

However, no matter how tired you are at the end of the day sleeping well may evade you unless you prepare well in advance. There are numerous ways to safeguard yourself against or overcome any possible obstacles to sleeping during pregnancy.

Your First Stop Is The Mattress Shop

Having a mattress that supports the most comfortable positions for sleeping during pregnancy is crucial. After the first trimester, side sleeping is best for a pregnant woman. Moreover, mattresses that are softer rather than more firm are best. You will want the mattress to give way enough for you to feel comfortable sleeping on your side. In addition, your mattress has to give you ample support. Top of the range mattresses can provide you with both.

Sleep Safe

In addition, your bedding must be hygienically safe to keep you and your developing baby strong and well. Protecting yourself from unwanted visitors in your mattress is paramount. Bacteria, fungus and dust mites are not beneficial to your pregnant body. Moreover, using a waterproof mattress protector that is also breathable, will allow sufficient airflow to your skin. Interestingly, bamboo mattress and pillow protectors are hypo-allergenic. This means that they are dust mite, bacteria and fungus-proof. With all the protection you need, you can indulge in deep slumbers knowing that you and your unborn baby are safe.

Feel Good

When you are pregnant, you experience everything bigger than life. From emotions to scents to textures. Consequently, carefully choosing the fabrics that touch your skin while sleeping during pregnancy are important. They must be smooth and soft. Furthermore, your skin must be able to breathe.  Keeping cool enough is vital for you since you may tend to overheat at times as your pregnancy develops. Therefore, polyesters and other synthetics are out. Unnatural fabrics do not aerate and can cause overheating of your skin and core temperatures. Since temperature affects your sleep rhythm, feeling just right is important. Adjust the amount of bedding you use according to your personal preference at the time. Moreover, you can reduce the challenges of sleeping during pregnancy by using skin-friendly fabrics.

Natural Fabrics Are Best

Use linen made from natural fabrics to enhance sleeping during pregnancy.


Natural linen breathe, meaning your skin is happy and remains sufficiently cool for comfort. Great choices include organic cotton. Why organic? When growing ordinary cotton, farmers use more pesticides than any other crop. Naturally, the less toxic chemicals you have in your environment the better, particularly during pregnancy. Furthermore, another superb choice is hemp. Hemp is naturally hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Likewise, bamboo is an excellent option. Farmers easily grow either plant without any harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

However, always check the source of the fibre and the fabric. Superior brands will source their raw materials from reliable and ethical farmers and textile manufacturers. Natural fabrics ease the challenges of sleeping during pregnancy.


It is advisable to approach your pyjamas the same way. Many online stores stock top quality pyjamas in natural fabrics. Alternatively, there is an increase in natural choices on the shelves of numerous other stores. Moreover, after birth your baby will be close to you most of the time. Whatever touches your skin will come into contact with hers. It makes sense to get the right pyjamas now. Your neighbourhood mall may be the ideal place to shop for pyjamas that help you enjoy sleeping during pregnancy.

Frequent Naps

In the early stages of your pregnancy it is completely normal to feel tired regardless of how much you sleep at night. Napping for twenty minutes effectively provides you with the emotional and physical resources with which to manage your day. Alternatively, ninety minute naps provide you with more than the bare necessities. A ninety minute nap in the day can negate the negative effects of sleeplessness from the night before. This is particularly useful in later pregnancy when night times may be less restful. Furthermore, getting into healthy napping routines early on is great. Consequently, turning to sustaining naps later on will be natural for you. Sleeping during pregnancy can be an indulgent pleasure.

What You Put In You Get Out, Only If You Absorb It

The foods and liquids you consume must be nutrient rich and easy to absorb. An uneasy tummy interferes with your rest. Furthermore, if your body cannot assimilate what you eat, it goes to waste. Moreover, unnecessary weight gain can result from eating foods your body does not digest with ease. Excessive weight gain is one reason for not sleeping during pregnancy.

Nutrient Rich

There are a great variety of foods that are nutrient rich and light on the digestive system. Small portions of protein rich beans and legumes are ideal. For easy assimilation, soak them overnight in the refrigerator . Keeping them in the fridge prevents mould from forming. Regardless, wash them thoroughly under running water before you cook them until soft. They are extremely satisfying and very nutritious. With a well nourished body, deeply sleeping during pregnancy will be easy

Healthy Fats

In addition, a teaspoon of virgin olive oil sprinkled over foods when you dish up, aids digestion. Always have a small amount of good fat with meals. Besides helping you feel satisfied, oil is good for your baby’s development. The brain requires healthy and abundant fat to develop properly. Have a different cold-pressed oil at each meal to ensure a variety of fats. Eat a small amount of dense protein at every meal so that you feel satisfied. Whe you feel satisfied, sleeping during pregnancy is a cosy affair.

Raw Foods

Eat salads, vegetables and fruit to your heart’s content. Importantly, allow 60 minutes for digestion before eating again. Dish up smaller portions more frequently and your tummy will be peaceful at night. Avoid only those foods that give you gas, such as cabbage.

In addition, eliminate strong flavours such as salt, pepper and chilli. Eating foods that soothe your digestive system enhances your ability to sleep deeply.

Simplify your life! Soups and stews are easy to keep on the stove or in the freezer. A calm digestive system will improve your sleep quality.

Eating healthy foods enhances sleeping during pregnancy

Drink Pure Water And Gentle Herb Teas

Drink water and gentle herb teas like chamomile and rooibos. Leave out the sugar and milk, as neither are good for you. Replace dairy with dark green powders from  the health shop for easy to absorb iron and calcium. Both nutrients calm the digestive system and enable deep slumbers.


There is nothing worse than feeling nauseous when you are trying to sleep. Keep a small packet of gluten-free biscuits with you at night. Furthermore, never get up before you have had a glass of water or a cup of herb tea. Moreover, remember to have a wholesome biscuit before you rise. Learning to curb nausea during the day, will make the nights easier for you too. Your digestive system needs to be as peaceful as possible all day to ensure you are sleeping during pregnancy.

Foot Rubs

Although most of your sleep schedule is under your control, a foot rub can tip the scales into dreamland for you. This is where your partner can come in very handy if he has energy leftover after all the other extra things he is doing for you.

The many benefits of reflexology is a subject on its own. However, anyone can give a foot rub and who better than the father of your baby? Slow movements and gentle pressure can only be good for you. Be sure to lie on your side, not on your back. After implementing all other elements into your daily routine, a foot rub can have you feeling wonderful enough to fall asleep within minutes . Drifting off with ease, you may wondering what all the commotion is about in relation to sleeping during pregnancy.