Choose the Right Mattress for Your Baby!!

One of the only times that you have your eyes off your small baby is when they are asleep. So wouldn’t you want to have the most confidant assurance that they are safe, comfortable and secure in dreamland? Of course you do!! That is why it is of the upmost importance that you know the mattress you have in your baby’s cot is perfect. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself when considering a new mattress

Is the mattress firm enough? A firm mattress is essential because it does not excessively conform to your baby’s body shape and a mattress that is too soft is a suffocating hazard.

Was it manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals or substances that are potential allergens?

Is it durable or will it start sagging at the edges?

Does it fit the cot properly with no spaces? Spaces between the mattress and cot are very unsafe as your baby could roll over and get stuck.

Does the mattress offer good support for your baby’s little body that is busy growing?

Does it have some form of ventilation? A mattress with a good ventilation system is helpful in that it allows bad odours to escape and keeps your baby cool while they sleep.

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Mattress types

So now you have all these questions running through your mind… but what is the answer? Well, there a variety of excellent mattresses to choose from – your decision is based on your personal preference and what you think is best for your baby.

  • High density foam mattresses are the most affordable and are good value for money. They are generally quite easy to keep clean, but if they have ventilation holes it can be quite a mission to do so. These mattresses offer great support for your baby’s body and are resistant to denting, just make sure you choose one that recovers quickly when you press down on it – your baby will struggle to change sleeping positions during the night if the foam “hugs” them too much. Being the lightest type of mattress, they are easy to move around or flip over if necessary.
  • Spring mattresses have a coiled spring interior with felt layers and foam padding on top. They tend to be more expansive than foam mattresses but are more extremely firm and strong and long-lasting – offering the best support. The springs give the mattress a natural ventilation system that helps air to circulate and keep your baby cool while sleeping.
  • A natural fibre mattress has a core of coconut fibre with other layers of different materials surrounding it. The fibres themselves are coated with latex for extra strength and protection. These are one of the firmest mattress types and have amazing durability, holing their shape very well. The natural ventilation is also outstanding. Because of its high quality and unique characteristics, this mattress is not so widely available and can be quite expensive, but the benefits are so worth it!!

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I hope that after taking a look at these mattress types and asking yourself those important questions, you can make the right choice for the newest member of your family!!

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