Do you regret it every time you oversleep? Do you get a headache and wish you could go back to bed, but that makes it even worse?

That awful headache.
That awful headache.

Do you ever experience an uncomfortable headache, or even a splitting migraine after sleeping in on a weekend? There are multiple theories why one does, from caffeine withdrawal to disturbed circadian rhythms. What can you do to get rid of those headaches, rather than them spoiling the rest of your day? You obviously still want to get your extra rest on the weekend after a long week, but sleeping late doesn’t seem to make you feel less tired, just more.

To feel more rested over the weekend, try going to bed earlier rather than sleeping later, as your most restful sleep is gotten before midnight, not after, according to your circadian clock. Have early morning activities rather than late night ones, or simply wake up and relax on the couch. This will leave you feeling far more rested than sleeping in. If you have a regular exercise schedule, try to stick to that over the weekends as well, and you will definitely feel the benefits.

One of the ways you can beat the Saturday morning headache is to sleep well rather than sleeping a lot. Good, deep sleep is far more restful than an abundance of sleep. Going to bed earlier will also boost your hours and pay off sleep debt without giving you that aching migraine. If you normally wake quite early to miss traffic, an hour or two later sleeping if you are really tired should also not affect you too badly. The way you ensure quality sleep is to check that your mattress, pillow, and linen are really doing their respective jobs.

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A mattress: Your mattress should be supportive, keeping your spine from being under too much tension, and it should feel comfortable, not causing you to wake up stiff or with aching joints. A mattress that’s too firm for you could be causing morning stiffness, and one that’s old have a sagging depression in the centre. If either or both of these are true of your mattress, you may want to consider getting a new one, as your mattress can severely hinder your sleep. If, however, your mattress is simply new, give it a couple weeks for you to sleep it in before you worry that it is uncomfortable. This is especially true of a foam mattress, which moulds to your body. If, however, the mattress is sagging, then definitely query that problem with your retailer, as it can cause bad back pain, and really adversely affect your spine. If you are looking for a new mattress, The Mattress Warehouse has every brand you could be looking for. From Edblo to Simmons to Serta, The Mattress Warehouse has them all.

A pillow: Your pillow should be the right height to keep your head level with your spine, as if it is too low, it will bend your head downwards, and too high, your neck upwards, causing neck pain and restless sleep. Your pillow might also make your breathing shallow and laboured if it is two or more years old, full of dust mites, dead hair and skin cells, which all affect your breathing. A good pillow to repel dust mites is a memory foam or latex pillow. Even a microfiber pillow is more hypoallergenic than a feather pillow, which tends to store bacteria.

Here's your guide for choosing a pillow.
Here’s your guide for choosing a pillow.

Your linen: If your linen is making you sweat, not warm enough, or feels too hot, it will make you restless, cause you to sleep badly, and make you wake up feeling gummy and unpleasant, never mind your headache. The best kind of linen is 100% cotton, which is very breathable, soft, and lasts a long time. It’s easy to wash, and really feels great.

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