Do You Wake Up Tired? Here’s Why!

Do you always seem to wake up feeling groggy and tired after a full night’s sleep? Even if you were in bed for seven to nine hours? This can be extremely frustrating. The cause does not seem obvious and getting more sleep does not help one bit. Thankfully, there is an explanation. Several factors, for example, the bed you sleep in, can leave you feeling exhausted.

In this article, each possible culprit is investigated and a solution provided. Without further a-do, here are fout reasons why you still wake up tired after a full night’s sleep.

1. Sleeping On The Wrong Bed

As you may have noticed at sleepovers when you were younger, everyone has a preferred sleeping position. Everyone seeks out and finds comfort differently and so your friends all slept differently. In the same way, you also have a favourite sleeping position. However, if you are sleeping on the wrong mattress for your type, you could end up doing some damage. A lack of support or an excessively firm mattress can damage your spine, cause joint pain and intensify back pain.

On average, people spend about a third of their 24 hour day in bed, asleep. That means that you have around eight hours to either prevent or increase damage to your spine and cause future back problems.

Along with the possibility of causing damage, sleeping on the wrong bed disrupts your sleep. You may think that you are getting more than enough sleep, but you will still wake up tired. Therefore, matching your sleeping style to the correct mattress is vital. Here are some common sleeping positions and mattresses that complement them.

Stomach Sleepers Can Wake Up Feeling Tired

Although sleeping on your stomach is uncommon, this sleeping position is still not ideal for those that prefer it. Sleeping in this position puts pressure on your lungs and chest. Resulting in sleep disturbances, making you wake up tired. However, there are still mattresses that can provide the correct support for stomach sleepers. A soft, plush memory foam mattress should do the trick.

Kooi B-Series Medium For Stomach Sleepers

Contouring and moulding to your body, a memory foam mattress is not too firm and will not cause discomfort. Reducing that “push into you” feeling that some mattresses can give, memory foam will replace it with lovely cushioning. Providing just enough give, it sinks to accommodate and cushion any downward protruding body parts.

If you are part of the select few that sleeps on their stomach, one option to consider is the Kooi B-Series Medium. Although it is made using latex comfort layers, it is still soft enough and provides sufficient support for stomach sleepers.

Side Sleepers Needs Level Support

Obtaining the highest level of spinal alignment is the goal when sleeping. You should keep your spine as straight as you can throughout the night.
Like stomach sleepers, side sleepers also need level support. Imagine lying down on your side on a hard surface. Between your neck, waist and the surface, gaps will form. With gravity constantly pulling downwards on your body, your spine will misalign. As a result, you may experience neck and lower back pain.

If a mattress is too soft, despite cushioning and moulding to your body, it may not provide sufficient support. As mentioned above, a bed that is too firm will contribute to spinal misalignment. Therefore, a balance between comfort and softness is needed. As a result, the best type of mattress for side sleepers is a soft-to-medium firm memory foam mattress.

Kooi B-Series Plush for Side Sleepers

A great bed to consider is the Kooi B-Series Plush. This mattress has a comfort rating of four, meaning that it is nice and soft. Ideal for side sleepers, the Kooi B-Series Plush focuses on pressure relief. No longer will you wake up tired.

Back Sleepers Should Have Proper Support

Sleeping in the wrong position can make you wake up tired.

Sleeping on your back is the most common sleeping position. Doctors recommend it as your spine is most likely to be straight when laying in this position. Furthermore, it is unlikely for other body parts to bend or flex substantially. As a result, the likelihood of experiencing back and joint pain decreases significantly.

When observed from the side, back sleepers’ spines can be seen to arch slightly at their lower back. Receiving the correct support in this area is critical. Avoiding an unnatural bend in your spine will prevent a myriad of back issues.

To counter the problem of a potentially uncomfortable bend, back sleepers need a supportive and cushioning mattress. A mattress with cushioning properties that still provides adequate support is the best choice. Latex mattresses do well in this regard. Alternatively, a memory foam mattress will also suitably support your natural form, while contouring to arches and gaps that naturally occur. With the right support, you are less likely to wake up tired.

Kooi Pure Firm Mattress for Back Sleepers

The Kooi Pure Firm – Mattress + Sleep Dot is one option to consider when back sleepers are shopping for a new bed. With a comfort rating of two, it provides firm support along with some extra padding for comfort.

2. Love Your Snooze Button

Hitting snooze four or more times is a common occurrence for some. Doing this can make you wake up feeling tired, even after a full night’s sleep. While you seemingly get an extra half an hour or so of rest, this is not really the case. The average snooze cycle is between seven and ten minutes. During this time, your brain does not have sufficient time to fall asleep properly. As a result, the extra shuteye you are getting is fragmented and the disturbances only make you more tired. Try setting your alarm only for when you really need to get up. Don’t set it too early, and if you absolutely have to hit snooze, limit it to only once.

3. Your alarm is interupting a sleep cycle

So you know for a fact that you are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. Then why do you still wake up tired after a full night’s sleep?
Eight hours may be the recommended amount sleep, however, it is simply a guideline. Working with your body’s clock and rhythm is important. Eight hoours does not always work for everyone, so you might need to adjust it a bit to find the right fit.

On average, people go through five sleep cycles a night. These sleep cycles alternate between non-REM and deep REM sleep, and typically last about ninety minutes each.

Waking up in the middle of a cycle (during deep or REM sleep) can leave you feeling groggy all day. If you want to wake to feel refreshed, set your alarm to go off during a non-REM phase. Doing this increases the likelihood that you will be alert and energetic as you go through your day.

Luckily there are plenty of sleep calculators available online. They will save you the trouble of having to calculate each sleep cycle to figure out when you should wake up. Simply input the time you need to wake up and they will suggest times to sleep.

Once you discover what works for you, stick to it. Staying consistent will leave you feeling more refreshed in your daily life.

If you wake up tired, it can be because you snoozed too many times.

4. Your bedroom is too dark.

This might seem counter intuitive. It is a well known fact that being in a dark room helps you fall asleep better. On the other hand, it can make you wake up tired no matter how much sleep you get. With no light filtering into your bedroom, your internal clock cannot distinguish day from night. Without the prompt of morning light, how will your body know when to wake up? Exposure to the rising sun’s rays will help you wake up easier and leave you feeling refreshed.

If you need to wake up before the sun rises, try turning on your bedroom light immediately. This will give your brain a little jolt to wake it up, making it harder to fall back asleep.

Figuring out this sleep thing can be hard. Hopefully, the information in this blog post has provided you with a few paths of inquiry. By investigating how they affect your own life, you should be able to identify the cause of your sleepiness.

No longer will you wake up tired after a full night’s sleep!
You will be able to look forward to being that annoyingly bushy-tailed morning person that everyone envies!

Sleep Well!