Driving Lessons in The Bed Company

I started with driving lessons this month. It has truly been fun. My instructor even says I’m a fast learner. I don’t want pat my back, however I do agree with him that. I started off a bit scared of the road and I didn’t want to drive with oncoming cars besides me. I trembled every time I looked at my review mirror and saw the amount of traffic I was causing behind me. My instructor would slowly look at me and reassure me that I was doing fine and just keep driving at my speed. I guess with more practise I will get better. Soon I will hold my driver’s license in my hand.

Learning is part of life and one never stops learning like the saying goes. I believe this is true. I never knew much about beds until I started working at The Mattress Warehouse. I never knew about the different bed brands and had assumed that buying a new bed was an easy process. Well we know making buying easy for our customers instead of the customer coming to us with information. When you come to The Mattress Warehouse, we do he homework for you so you just buy your bed and leave our warehouse looking forward to your bed being delivered at your door step.

Initially I thought all beds were made from spring. I had heard about pocket coil from Simmons and probably knew about two if not three bed brand names like Silent Night and Rest Assured. Simmons being the well-known brand because of the adverts which they have on television. I never even knew that Simmons offers a wide variety of beds. Let us say you would like to by a mattress that is firm yet not too hard. This bed should offer you support and comfort at a reasonable price. A reasonable price for most consumers means the cheaper the better.  I always emphasising never buy a bed based on the price. This will only leave you with a cheap bed that will not give you support or comfort in the long run.  Rather buy a quality bed at an affordable price. Just how we at The Mattress Warehouse believe in quality!!

The bed I would recommend for the customer that fits all the qualities mentioned above would be the Simmons Backcare 5. Simmons Beds are designed for people who are experiencing back problems and need a bed that will support them and keep their spine aligned while they sleep. The Simmons Backcare 5 has 5 zones on the mattress that give you the ultimate support. The mattress is not too soft or too firm. It is comfortable enough to give you the support you need as you sleep at night.

All this information I learn when I arrived at The Mattress Warehouse. What makes my learning more interesting is that we have a showroom in Midrand where we have beds on display so each new bed I get taught I have the opportunity of lying on it and feeling what it feels like.

Click online and make your purchase or better yet, come visit our showroom and leave with your new bed.

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