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Edblo Beds

Edblo Beds For Sale

This bed range has been around for almost 90 years and it is one of the few bed manufacturers in South Africa that is proudly South African having been developed and manufactured in South Africa since 1927. The Edblo Beds have been manufactured using an old tried and tested method which has contributed to the success of the Edblo Beds brand and contributed to it being as popular as it is today. You can find Edblo beds for sale at the Mattress Warehouse.

Two great minds came together in 1927, Len Edelstein and Barney Bloch, and together they created the Edblo Bed range. The bed range is named after the two men, taking the first parts of their surnames and combining them to make the name Edblo. With comfort and support in mind they designed beds that are perfectly designed to suit most people’s needs. And as if to showcase that this bed range is made by South Africans, the Edblo Bed range is made to be long lasting so that you, the bed owner, is guaranteed to have a bed that is designed to be an addition to your bedroom for many years to come.

Edblo beds are great for use in both private homes and in the hospitality industry. As the beds that are manufactured by this bed company are designed to be long lasting, they are great for use in hotels and guest houses. No matter how much they are used they are able to keep their signature comfort levels which makes them incredibly reliable.

Edblo Mattresses

Edblo mattresses are divided into different ranges and based on which range the bed will fall into, the beds within a specific range will have certain features attributed to them. Each bed range has a unique set of features that not only make the beds stand apart from other beds manufactured by Edblo but they have features that make them stand out from all other beds currently on the market. While each range of beds in the Edbo range has their own unique features that make the bed outstanding, each bed developed and manufactured by Edblo has one thing in common and that is that each bed is developed to give the sleeping body the correct amount of comfort and support.

There are three amazing ranges that fall under the Edblo group and they are the Edblo Pocket Collection, the Edblo Energiser and the Edblo Crown Range. The Edblo Pocket Collection has unique features such as the pocket spring system, flanging and sprung edge support. The Edblo Energiser Range has a comfi-coil spring system and ultra-care fabric. Edblo Crown Range has the world renowned bonnell spring system and bug free sleep treatment.

Every bed developed and manufactured by Edblo is going to give the sleeper all of the support that they could possibly need while giving the sleeper revitalizing rest that will help them to recover from a long day of work. As a proudly South African bed range, let Edblo be your choice in bed and mattress.