We all know the stories about people buying the wrong mattresses which then led them to a chronic back pain. Back pain is one of the most common health problems that lead people to start losing their mobility at the early stage of middle age. If left untreated, back pain can also lead to severe health issues. Most people wonder what the best bed for back pain is but the truth is, there is no one single bed that is perfect for all back pain sufferers.

When it comes to back pain, what makes it one of the most annoying health problems is the fact that you can’t engage in physical activity. Sometimes, supporting your own weight or moving a heavier object can make you think twice before doing it. Your balance, stamina, and strength deteriorate as you age. Therefore, it is always wise to treat a back pain at the early stage. We wrote this article in order to help you find the best bed for back pain.

Spending Most of Your Time in Bed.

We made that sound like it is the most hopeless thing in the world, didn’t we? Well, that’s the truth! As human beings, we spend half of our lives just by sleeping in the bed. That is also why we need to get the best bed possible. Without the right bed, we are not going to function well. So if you want to fight your back ache, you must find the best bed for back pain.

best bed for back painIn South Africa, more and more people are suffering from back pain. That is also why bed stores that offer the best bed for back pain are increasing. If manufacturers know that a bed will play an important role in a human’s life, bed stores will also understand that most consumers are looking for the best of the best.

According to one survey, those who sleep on very hard mattresses known as the orthopaedic mattresses had the worst kind of sleep quality. The number was 268 people! Can you imagine that? Yes, back in the days, very firm mattresses were recommended by doctors. But with this kind of survey’s result, do you still think a very hard mattress is the best bed for back pain? Well, we don’t think so. The funniest thing is that the sleep quality of those sleeping on medium-firm or firm mattresses has no big difference.

So What Kind of Mattress Is The Best Bed for Back Pain?

Well, a high-quality one. The one that is specially designed in order to offer you relief and support for your chronic back pain. There are a lot of different brands out there. You just need to ask. But if you want some tips from us, we will give you, of course.

When it comes to choosing the best bed for back pain, you should consider the pure memory foam mattresses. They offer firm support for your lower back, but they won’t be too soft. Other types of mattress that you can try are the ones made of memory foam and natural latex. This combination will offer high-quality comfort and buoyant. They are very comfortable and will help in relieving your pressure points. The last type would be the one made of memory foam mixed with innerspring. These are the mattresses considered the premium mattresses for chronic back pain. If you search thoroughly, you will be able to find them in average prices which fall within everyone’s budget.

However, bear in mind when it comes to buying the best bed for back pain, make sure that you choose quality over the price. Always make the quality and your requirements as the first priority. You would want a bed that will last longer than the average one, right? Obviously, no one wants to be spending their money replacing a mattress every three to four months. That’s ridiculous! Remember, your money will not go wasted. They will be used to help you combat your back pain. So it’s worth it.

What to Look For in the Best Bed for Back Pain?

best bed for back painThere are a few things you need to remember when you are choosing the best bed for back pain:

If you are a back sleeper, is the mattress firm enough to support your lower back?
Or, is it still soft enough to help in contouring your body?

This is because mattresses that are too stiff tend to put a lot of pressure on the spine, making it super uncomfortable to sleep on. On the other side, if the mattress is too soft, it will not give enough support. If this happens, your body will need to support itself during your sleep. This should be avoided at all cost. Do You want the best bed for back pain? You need to find the balance between too firm and too soft.

However, if you are a side sleeper, you will need a slightly softer mattress. This is to ensure that your hips and shoulders have the necessary cushion to support them. For those who enjoy sleeping on their stomachs and who tend to sleep this way in order to avoid lower back pain, they need a firmer mattress to make sure they stay floating. But as we already know, most people tend to sleep with the combination of all of these sleeping styles. This will lead to a lot of movement of the sleeper while in the bed. Therefore, the best bed for back pain for this kind of situation would be the one with high motion isolation. It is the most ideal for sleepers with a combination of these styles of sleeping while still being variously soft and sturdy enough to support.


Yes, it can be hard when it comes to finding the best bed for back pain. As we grow older, the chronic back pain problem tends to overwhelm us and we are getting more annoyed with it. But it doesn’t hurt if we invest a good amount of money on getting the best bed for back pain for ourselves, right? We hope with this article, you are enlightened and you will have a better idea of what you should be looking for next!