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Genessi Beds

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All Genessi beds are manufactured by Vitafoam. Since the early 1960’s Vitafoam has been the manufacturer of choice for a large number of bed brands including Genessi beds. Vitafoam has become the largest manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam and now has manufacturing plants in 5 different locations all around the country. Genessi’s reputation is based on its extensive use of quality foams in all of its mattresses. Higher end Genessi models include state of the art materials like memory foam which makes this brand truly exceptional. Genessi mattresses comes with so many great benefits for those who buy the mattress that it has grown in popularity over the last 8 years to have 7 ranges all of which are all exceptionally comfortable.
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The beds within the Genessi range are all designed specifically for the needs of customers and some of the beds within the range include special features such as fire retardant technology and memory foam which is able to provide customers with additional support and comfort. The current beds that Genessi manufactures and that have become so popular, are the result of many years of technical research and applying the knowledge gained from the research into the design of the mattress.

Genessi Mattresses

There are three standout features that form part of the mattress and they are the memory foam, the poly-latex, and polyurethane high-density foam. The memory foam is possibly the best feature of the Genessi bed. The memory foam was first created by NASA and in the past, it was used during space exploration travels. In Genessi Beds the memory foam is able to reduce the pressure placed on pressure points during the night, it reacts to the body heat which helps to shape the foam to the body.

Memory foam will also adjust to the contours of the body providing the best support and comfort for the body after a long day. The memory foam is also able to prevent the sleeping body from tossing and turning during the night which means that there is little chance of being woken up during the night due to your own nightly movements.

Poly-latex in the Genessi mattresses is used to increase the amount of stability that the mattress will be able to provide to the sleeping body and it will also make the mattress more durable which means that the mattress will be long-lasting. The poly-latex is also antibacterial and it easily allows a circulation of air to move through the mattress. Finally, the polyurethane high-density foam is placed on the mattress to give the mattress a unique combination of form and function. The polyurethane high-density foam is versatile and it is used to give the mattress more longevity and support.

The biggest benefit of memory foam is that it is able to mould itself to fit the curves of your body and give you great support while you sleep. While reducing the pressure that is placed on certain places of the body during the night, the memory foam is able to give the body a more relaxed and stress-free rest each night which will improve the amount of comfort experienced each night. Investing in a Genessi bed is more than just investing in another piece of furniture, it is an investment in your long-term relaxation and health.