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Sadly, most people have been there at least once in their lives. A period in time when your sleep schedule is broken and you become desperate to fix it. Have faith, there is hope! Although you look and feel sleep deprived, reconstructing your sleep pattern is possible.

Meanwhile, if you feel as if you are falling apart, that is the inevitable result of insomnia. Without sufficient deep rest, your body loses out on numerous vital nutrients and essential processes. Understanding the reasons why you feel awful, will motivate you to fix your broken sleep pattern.

Why you are feeling so desperate

No rest for the brain and over-stimulated hormones

During sleep, your brain rests because thinking slows down.  The mind requires rest at night to focus clearly the next day. Therefore, when you slumber, activating hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol decrease. The body takes a break from their stimulating effects. Without sleep, you become over-stimulated and consequently find it difficult to sleep. These hormones push the body when it is in a state of emergency. Sleep deprivation is one such state. Furthermore, once secretions are high they do not disappear in a few moments. The body has to be active so that they can be expended. Lying in bed at night with an over-active mind is indicative that these hormones are in over-drive. Rest assured, when you fix your broken sleep pattern this will all change.


Constant stimulus from adrenalin and cortisol causes excessive emotional stress and over-taxes the body. In addition, chronic overstrain causes damage to the heart. Every part of the body needs nightly rest.

Appetite and insulin

When you fix your broken sleep pattern, your weight balances out. The hormones leptin and grehlin play a huge role in appetite control. Leptin allows you to feel satiated, whereas grehlin increases hunger. The brain purposefully under-secretes leptin and produces extra ghrelin when you lack sufficient rest. Lack of sleep in a drawn-out emergency situation requires more fuel. Consequently, your appetite is out of balance when you do not get enough shut eye and weight issues can result. In addition, glucose sensitivity and the production of insulin are dependent on your sleeping patterns. Moreover, adults who get 5 hours or less rest every night are more than twice as likely to develop diabetes.

If you fix your broken sleep pattern you are less likely to overeat.

System malfunction

Additionally, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems become dysfunctional. Consequently, increases in nervous stress and strain take their toll. With chronic sleep deprivation, your health is in serious danger. Knowing how to fix your broken sleep pattern is vital.

What happens when you fix it?

Look and feel younger for free

During sleep specific hormones have important roles to play. When these are not able to fulfil their  functions, you begin to look and feel older. Is your energy low and your skin lined? Are you spending a small fortune on antioxidants?

Get melatonin for free when you sleep. Moreover, it is a potent antioxidant. This hormone promotes healthy eyes. In addition, melatonin eases tinnitus, heals ulcers and reduces heartburn. Are you spending your valuable earnings on muscle building powders or anti-wrinkle creams? Melatonin is effective in increasing human growth hormone (HGH). Human growth hormone releases during slow wave sleep and is key to remaining youthful. Furthermore, HGH repairs and restores and rejuvenates your body during the night. Eternal youthfulness is yours when you fix your broken sleep pattern.

Emotional wellbeing

Growth hormone facilitates the building and repairing of healthy tissues in all organs, including the brain. Psychological disorders have direct links to insufficient sleep so treatments of internalized disorders are changing. Obsessive compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety disorders are amongst these. Psychologists that insist their patients get deep nightly slumbers, are getting excellent results. Eliminate anxiety and depression by sleeping enough every night. Fix your broken sleep pattern and enjoy emotional wellbeing

Healthy weight

HGH keeps your muscles strong and increases your metabolism. Therefore helping to eradicate any issues you may have with weight gain. Hormones function hand in hand with one another. When one is in sync, all others begin to fall into place. Fix your broken sleep patterns to look and feel youthful again.


Finally, if you think you are losing out on work time while you sleep, think again. Researchers show that REM sleep is the perfect time for subconscious problem-solving through dreams. The popular adage, sleep on it, has great relevance to your success in life in general. When you sleep well, not only is your mind clear, but solutions to challenges come up seemingly out of nowhere.

Decide to fix it!

A broken sleep schedule causes mental and emotional exhaustion. Furthermore, the consequent failure of your entire hormonal system is devastating to your health. Only you can fix your broken sleep pattern. Follow the guidelines below with patience, diligence and persistence. Restoring a healthy sleep schedule is possible when you consistently apply all the necessary steps, as outlined below. Enjoy the rewards of daily health and vitality when you decide to fix it.

Time to fix your broken sleep pattern!

How to fix it

Firstly, read through the guidelines and ascertain what your most urgent and impactful step is. The one leap that will make the biggest difference is most likely also the most challenging one for you. Get clarity on exactly what you must do differently and schedule it in detail.

Breathe deep!

Take a deep breath before you carry out that big step. Ascertain the easiest change you can make and do that. Success with the easier steps will empower you to take the more challenging ones on. If your entire night time sleep schedule requires an overhaul, give yourself 3 weeks to settle into it. Stick to your times precisely. Within a week, you will find that the hours you set for yourself begin to fit you a little better. Within 2 to 3 weeks, you will begin to look and feel better. In under 3 months all aspects of your healthy sleep pattern should be fully operational. Fixing your broken sleep pattern is certainly doable.

Follow the steps below to fix your broken sleep pattern. Apply them in an order that suites you best. The main key throughout, is to maintain a healthy ph balance.

Step 1

Bye-bye to stress

Find healthy ways to manage the stress that may be keeping you awake at night. Some examples include guided meditation, soothing sleep music and gentle stretching. An early morning stroll in the garden or an evening walk around your neighbourhood could be the ideal solution for you. Alternatively, yoga class on your way home from work might sound like heaven. Whatever you decide, choose something that gives you at least 20 minutes of peace a day. Listening to an uplifting talk or exquisite music while you drive to and from the office is extremely valuable. Reducing stress helps you fix your broken sleep pattern.

Step 2

Workout and sleep in

Exercise regularly to ensure good blood circulation and a balanced PH. Excellent PH balance leads to calm blood, happy cells and restful nights. Do not over-do exercise either. Over-doing anything leads to increased acidity levels in the blood, which can keep you awake. Due to unnatural lifestyle choices, modern humans tend to have more acid blood, which is detrimental to our wellbeing.

Moreover, disease thrives in acid conditions as do mental and emotional distress. Everything you do, eat and think, either increase your acid levels or decreases them. To fix your broken sleep pattern, get your blood PH in order. The best way to do that is to start off your day with a cup of warm water with two slices of lemon in it.

Step 3

Fix your diet

Proper digestion equals calm slumber. Avoid strong flavours after 5 pm. Vastly decrease your consumption of all substances that agitate the blood. These include salt, pepper and any commercial sauces. In addition, avoid chilli, raw garlic and onion after 2 pm. Increase your intake of fresh juices and raw salads. Steamed vegetables and black rice are also excellent for alkalinity. Soothing soups and stews are divine and the body loves them too. Eat wholesomely and you will find it easier to fix your broken sleep pattern.

fix your sleeping pattern through fixing your diet

Step 4

Water and melatonin

Adequate hydration ensures an even, alkaline cellular environment. In addition, melatonin production requires that you drink sufficient water throughout the day. Melatonin is the infamous sleep hormone that many people desperately seek. Taking it in tablet form is risky as that affects the body’s natural secretions of this substance. Furthermore, artificial melatonin can increase sleep issues and cause depression. The problem appears to lie with the dosage. The tablet appears to be as much as 10 times too big for one dose.

Finally, ensure you drink a cup of water 30 minutes before each meal so as not to interfere with your digestive juices. Hydration can be the key you need to fix your broken sleep pattern.

Step 5

Gradually say goodbye to caffeine

Eliminate caffeine from 2 pm and eventually stop it altogether. Caffeine may be legal, however, do not fool yourself. Cigarettes are legal too! Caffeine is a highly addictive and destructive drug. The reason why you feel it gives you a lift, is because it stimulates a caffeine-deprived system. Research shows that caffeine does not boost cognitive function. Caffeine merely serves to give you a boost only because your morning slump is due to a caffeine detoxification. When a coffee or chocolate addict jokingly says they have a caffeine shortage, it is true. So, if you truly desire to fix your broken sleep pattern, say no to caffeine.

Step 6

Feel good

Wear pyjamas that allow your skin to breathe. Skin that feels good promotes a sense of comfort and allows for deeper slumbers. Synthetics are out and natural is in. Organic cotton, hemp or bamboo are the ideal fabrics to choose from.

Step 7

Are there bugs in your bed?

Bugs and other unexpected creepies that bring allergens to your bed can disrupt sleep patterns. Use bedding that favours a hygienic sleep environment. Keep unwanted visitors at bay by getting waterproof, bamboo, hypoallergenic mattress and pillow protectors. You do not have to be sneezing for allergens to be disturbing your sleep. Sleep bacteria and fungus-free, and eliminate dust mites from your bedding by using bamboo materials. Clean and pristine is the way to help fix your broken sleep pattern.

Step 9

Light and dark

Install soft bedside globes for the whole family. Bright light activates the stimulating hormones. Furthermore, wake with the sun and sleep when it is dark.

Step 10

Set your sleep schedule routine

Re-arrange the below example to suite your family. However, work within the parameters of the natural patterns of day and night.

Be sure to stop all work at 5 pm. Between 5 and 6 pm complete final household activities. Shut down laptops, cook and shower. From 6 to 7 pm slow down further. Enjoy a wholesome dinner, freshen up and watch your favourite sitcom. Anything gentle will do.

Since 7 pm is dusk, slow down some more from 7 to 8 pm. During that hour, read the kids a calming story and put them to bed. Thereafter, make a cup of chamomile tea and read a soothing novel or spend quality time with your partner.  

Since the ideal for an adult is 8 hours of sleep, give yourself 30 minutes extra after lights out to allow time to fall asleep. Importantly, wake up naturally, not with an alarm. You may need to use an alarm until you feel comfortable to go without. Meanwhile, set it on a gentle melody that puts you in a happy frame of mind for the day. Finally, adjust your sleep schedule according to the seasons.
Waking when the sun is rising in winter or when it is already up during summer months is ideal. That is the best way to fix your broken sleep pattern.


Imagine a life of overflowing energy and infinite emotional wellbeing. That is what you can create when you fix your broken sleep pattern.