Maybe you are one of those people that wake up looking flawless. You go to sleep looking like the cover of a fashion magazine and wake up looking like the perfume ad on the second page. Your hair doesn’t tangle, your face doesn’t crinkle, your eyes don’t get puffy. If you are one of those people, congratulations!

However, this post unfortunately isn’t for you.

This post is for people, like me, who walk up looking like Bigfoot in a clothes dryer. After he’d stayed up until all hours of the night the previous evening. Personally, I’m a fidgety sleeper and I think that’s what messes with my appearance the most. I wake up with tangled hair hanging in my puffy eyes. My face is crinkled. My sight is blurry. I might even sneeze a couple of times.

If you wake up looking like a hot mess every morning, this post is for you. First, we will look at some things to do before you go to sleep, then we will look at some specific ways to keep your hair from getting too unruly while you sleep. Lastly, we will look at some morning routines that can help you freshen up, even if you do wake up looking like a hot mess.

Let’s dive right in!


  1. Wash your face


hot mess

It’s not rocket science, friend. If you go to bed with dirt, sweat, makeup and part of the PB&J sandwich you had for lunch still stuck on your face, you will look like a monster in the morning.

First, rinse your face with hot water. This opens up your pores prepares your skin to be cleansed thoroughly. Lather facial wash across your face, using the tips of your fingers. You can scrub thoroughly, cleaning your face of any unwanted material. You can also use a gentle facial exfoliate to rid your face of any dead skin cells. This will boost your skin health and give you a fresh look in the morning. Ideally, you should exfoliate at least once a week. Finish by rinsing your face with cold water. The cold water will help your pores to close up again, preventing any dirt from entering your skin and causing breakouts.

Use a soft, clean towel, to gently dry your face.

  1. Use moisturizer


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Moisturizer is the nectar of the gods. It protects your skin, keeping your face youthful and supple. It also evens out your skin, hiding blemishes and wrinkles in the process.

There are many moisturizers available in stores, and you should choose a brand and type that works best for your skin. Whether you have oily, dry, normal or sensitive skin, you will most likely find something tailored to your needs. If you are planning to apply your moisturizer before you go to bed, be sure to buy a brand that is especially made for night time use.

Apply your moisturizer after washing your face or taking your nightly shower. Using the tips of your index and forefingers, gently apply it onto your face in an upwards dabbing motion. A thin layer should suffice, as you don’t want to stifle your skin’s natural breathing process. Remember to let it dry completely before you go to bed, so that your pillow case doesn’t get soiled.

If you struggle with puffy eyes, you can invest in some specially tailored eye cream. Normal moisturizers might irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes, so it might be a good idea to get cream especially developed for eyes. Eye cream works even better to reduce puffiness when applied cold, so you can consider keeping it in your fridge for the best results.

  1. Never sleep with makeup on

Again, it ain’t rocket science, friend. Beauty experts and dermatologists have warned that sleeping with your makeup on will not only cause your facial skin to age faster, but it has also been linked to an increase in acne breakouts and even eye infections.

Foundation is seemingly the greatest culprit, according to beauty experts. Oil based and heavy, foundation clogs up your pores and prevents your skin from breathing in a natural and healthy way. It also makes it easier for free radicals and pollutants in the air to damage your skin.

Sleeping with eye makeup, such as mascara and eyeliner, on can be just as damaging to your healthy. During the night dried mascara and eyeliner can be rubbed onto the sensitive skin around your eyes. This can cause infection, swelling and redness of the eyes.

Ridding your face completely of makeup should be part of your bedtime routine. Your skin will thank you for it!

  1. Brush your teeth

hot mess

Do you know that bad dental hygiene was one of the leading causes of death during the middle ages? One of the most common reasons people didn’t live to be very old was the fact that their teeth started falling out. This caused problems when eating, which made elderly people loose strength very quickly.

Fortunately, these days we have many great dental care products like toothbrushes and many different types of toothpaste and floss.

You should brush your teeth every night before going to bed. This will keep you from waking up with a gross taste in your mouth. If you struggle with bad breath, brushing your teeth before you go to sleep might help as well. A good mouthwash can also get some good results if you struggle with bad breath.

Flossing is a task that seems time consuming and slightly unnecessary at times, but you should try to floss every night.

  1. Drink water

hot mess

This might seem like an odd trick, but your skin needs plenty of water to stay healthy and glowing. Your body also needs a constant supply of fluid, and when you go to bed you won’t have the opportunity to hydrate again for quite a number of hours. Try to drink one or two big glasses of water before you fall asleep. This will keep you skin hydrated and you will wake up feeling and looking good.

Dehydration has also been linked to waking up with chapped lips. While drinking water before bed might largely take care of this problem, you help out your lips even more by moisturizing them. You can apply lip balm before and after you go to bed. If your lips are extremely dry, try exfoliating them before bed, and then applying lip balm.

  1. Sleep enough

hot mess

An adult should ideally get between seven and nine hours of sleep a night, as reported by the American Sleep Foundation. If you want to walk up looking refreshed and pretty, the most obvious way is to sleep long enough for your body to actually become refreshed.

There are many adverse effects that comes with not sleeping enough. An altered appearance is one of them. Sleep deprivation causes you to develop dark circles and heavy bags under your eyes. Sleeping enough will keep you looking healthy and glowing.

If you struggle to fall asleep, you could try taking a hot bath before going to bed. This helps your body start the detoxifying process, and it also helps your body to start shutting down for the night. If you add in some relaxing and aromatic candles you will find yourself dozing off in no time.

 Another way to not wake up looking like a hot mess is to take the proper precautions with regards to your hair. Here are some tips for waking up without a terrible bedhead.

  1. Dry and brush your hair before going to bed


hot mess

If you prefer to take night time showers, you should ensure that your hair is dry before your go to bed. Hitting the pillow with your hair still damp can not only result in a messy hairstyle the next morning, but it can also make you more susceptible to catching a cold. You can either blow dry your hair, or if you prefer the natural way, wait for it to air dry. This will prevent your hair from drying into weird kinks, and will make it easier to manage in the morning.

Another way to manage your bedhead is to brush your hair before you sleep. Sleeping with unkempt and tangled hair results in even worse tangles in the morning. I know it sometimes seems like a chore to brush your hair, especially if you have very long or very curly hair. However, it will only be much more of a chore after rolling around on it the whole night! Run a quick comb or brush through your hair, and you might just have a better chance at a stress-free hair makeup session the next morning.

  1. Fasten your hair in a braid or a bun

hot mess

While sleeping in a fancy up-do or a tight ponytail might be uncomfortable and even impossible, a loose braid or bun might just be the thing your hair needs. If your hair is long enough, you can make a large, loose braid. This will keep your hair from forming cowlicks or getting too tangled during the night. Another plus-side of sleeping with your hair in a braid, is that it can give you some nice waves for an effortless casual look the next morning. Just make sure to not braid your hair too tightly, and to use a nice loose hair tie or scrunchie. Otherwise you might break damage your hair or cause the onset of a headache.

If your hair isn’t long enough for a braid, or if you’re just not feeling like a braid tonight, you can opt for a bun instead. Tie your hair in a low or high bun with a soft scrunchy. Don’t fasten it too tightly. Wearing a bun will most likely prevent your hair from getting seriously tangled or messy, and you will be able to easily whip up a chic look the next morning.

  1. Sleep on a silk or satin pillow

Want silky soft, tangle-free locks? Then you should sleep on a silky soft pillow case! Sleeping on a silk or satin pillow has become largely popular in the beauty world the past couple of years. It seems to be worth the hype. Ladies that have invested in silk pillow cases have reported that their hair become increasingly tangle-free and soft. The smooth surface of the pillow case can also protect your face from wrinkling, as opposed to their harder cotton counterparts.

Now, all these tips are pretty neat. It would be really cool if you could just tick off all the items on the above list, ensuring that you will wake up looking like a beauty queen. However, we all know that it doesn’t always work like that. Sometimes you’re just a hot mess, and you have to embrace it. Here are some quick tips for salvaging your killer looks and freshening yourself up.

  1. Lighten your dark circles with cucumbers

hot mess

I must confess that I was slightly surprised to learn that ‘cucumber-on-the-eyes-at-the-spa’ isn’t just a chick-flick trope. Cucumbers apparently have a lightening (not lightning) effect on your skin. If you wake up with dark circles under your eyes, you can lighten and revitalize the area by putting cucumber circles on your eyes. Leave them on for five to ten minutes.

  1. Use a cold compress for any puffiness

hot mess

Some people are very prone to getting puffy eyes, even when they suffer just the slightest bit of sleep deprivation. Something that works very well for battling this is cold compresses. If you wake up feeling or looking puffy around your eyes, hold a cold spoon or rag against the afflicted area. The cold temperature will reduce the eye inflammation almost immediately. You should leave the spoon or rag on for at least five minutes for optimal results.

If you know that you are prone to suffering from puffy eyes, you could leave a spoon or cloth in the fridge overnight. That way you will have a remedy ready the next morning.

  1. Wash your face

It seems fitting to end with the same thing we started with, as it is a good habit to wash your face both in the evening before you go to sleep and in the morning after you’ve gotten up. Washing your face before you start your day will cleanse your pores and give you a healthy glow even before you start your day. Cold water is also an excellent way to wake up your brain and increase the blood flow to your face.

You can also consider using an illuminating serum or moisturizer. This will instantly lighten up your face and make you look vibrant.

That’s it folks!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration and encouragement from this list. Let me know in the comments what tips and tricks you use to not wake up looking like a hot mess!