Did you know that your body does this when you sleep?

Beds are the one safe haven where we can relax after a day’s hard work. And good sleep is the one body function that is a necessity to good rest. With the wrong bed, it can be more than a little difficult to feel as though you have had a proper, restful night.

While you are sleeping in your comfortable bed, your body is hard at work. Did you know that your body is doing these things while you sleep?
While you are sleeping in your comfortable bed, your body is hard at work. Did you know that your body is doing these things while you sleep?

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Sleep is important for a number of reasons, with relaxation and rest being just two of the properties associated with sleep. While, of course, you have an idea about what it is that your body is doing during the night, for instance, dreaming, you might not know that your body is doing a few other things while you slumber.

Can you really say for certain that you know what your body is up to when you sleep?

Your body is at work even while you are relaxing. Your brain is sorting through the day’s events and filing away the memories while it’s also cleaning away the day’s waste. Your muscles are relaxing and your cells are resting and rejuvenating.

Here are a few other things you might not know your body is up to:

  1. You are losing weight

For up to 8 hours a night, you are not eating, and possibly not drinking, a thing. Before you get too excited, the weight that you lose while you sleep is not going to be noticeable on the scales each morning, because you are mostly losing water. While sleeping, your body is emitting water vapour through your breath and you are also losing carbon dioxide while you sleep. This weight loss is sadly not permanent and throughout the day you are likely to gain it all again.

  1. You won’t be able to move

Luckily you won’t be aware of this (unless you are one of those unfortunate few who suffers from sleep paralysis) but when you sleep, your muscles are paralysed. Even when you are having terrifying dreams and in your mind, you are running, there is a very good reason that your body is staying still (to keep you from acting out your dreams).

The only muscles to move while you sleep is your eyes. When in deep sleep (known as REM sleep) you will be dreaming and your eyes will move. However, this state only lasts around 20 minutes. And it is during this phase that you won’t be able to move…not that you would realise this.

It's a good thing that you won't remember or even notice some of the things your body is doing while you are asleep.
It’s a good thing that you won’t remember or even notice some of the things your body is doing while you are asleep.
  1. Your eyes will move a lot

Following on point 2, when you sleep, your eyes will be moving a lot. In REM sleep your eyes will be darting back and forth, which is why it is called REM sleep (REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement). The theory, which was recently proven, is that your eyes are following the scenes within your dreams.

  1. Your throat becomes a little narrower

Everyone will experience the narrowing of their throats while they sleep. As your throat muscles relax, the passage becomes narrower and your tongue will fall backwards. It might sound like the stuff of nightmares and could be enough to give you anxiety, but you won’t be aware of this while you are asleep and it can do you no harm.

A narrower throat can make snoring a little worse if you are already prone to it.

  1. Body spasms

This could be one of the more frustrating and often nerve wrecking things about sleep, and you are likely to have experienced this before. Usually, it happens when you are just drifting off to sleep. Your body begins to relax when suddenly it jerks back to life and then your heart starts pounding and you are wide awake.

Known as hypnagogic jerks, they are rather common and you could be experiencing them many times in the night but quickly forget about them when you wake. There is no 100% correct answer as to why this happens, but some researchers say that it has something to do with evolution while others say that it is misfiring nerves.

  1. Your blood pressure drops

Once your body has become totally relaxed, your blood pressure will take a dip. Again, this is something that happens to everyone while they are sleeping so there is no need to worry.

  1. Your body releases hormones

To kerb your hunger and to help you grow, certain hormones are released when you sleep. While you are probably not going to grow much in size as an adult, your growth hormones are still a necessity as they regenerate cells. Growth hormones also help the body to heal.

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