What is latex, and how can it be used in mattresses to make comfortable and supportive beds?

What is latex?

Latex is a foam used in foam and coil beds for a firm but bouncy bed. It is firmer than memory foam, but still soft, and without the sinking in feeling common to memory foam. Latex beds are really comfortable and durable, able to last up to 20 years without sagging or becoming uncomfortable. Latex is also used in conjunction with memory foam to keep the foam from being too soft. So how do you know if you want a latex mattress or not? Read on to find out more about latex and how it works.

Latex is a natural product
Latex is a natural product
Latex is firm but supportive
A latex mattress is firm but supportive

How is Latex different from other foams?

Latex is very different from memory foam and other high density foams in that it is firm and buoyant while having a softer feel. If you sleep on latex, you will feel like you’re floating above the mattress, as it cushions your pressure points so effectively and provides such great support. Latex is, actually, a rubber, not a foam, which is what gives it its resilience and durability.  Latex is also a natural product, made from the sap of the rubber tree, and not chemically manufactured. There are two different types of latex, the one being used as a mattress core and the other used as a comfort layer. Mattresses with a latex core are not sold in South Africa, so we will focus on the latex used as a comfort layer. It’s called Talalay latex, and it’s created by pouring the sap into moulds and allowing it to set. This latex is very natural, hypoallergenic, and breathable – making for a cool and comfortable mattress.  Talalay latex is made specifically for mattresses, whereas the other kind of latex is called Dunlop, and is used for many different industrial purposes. It has more chemicals involved in its process of solidification, whereas Talalay is frothed up before it hardens, creating natural air bubbles, which ensured breathability and superior support from the mattress.

Latex responds to shape as well as weight.
A latex mattress responds to shape as well as weight.

How does a latex mattress work?

Latex as a comfort layer responds not only to the weight of a sleeper, the way coils do, but also to the shape. This allows the mattress to respond to all your personal needs, filling the gaps that need support, and giving way under heavier areas such as your hips and shoulders. This support is an important part of keeping your spine level, which ensures restful sleep and a healthy back. Latex is used in various different beds at The Mattress Warehouse. The Rest Assured Evermore mattress is at the forefront of these, with a 100% natural latex comfort layer in the top part of the mattress for that latex feel. Genessi beds have latex in them for support, but it is usually the second from the top layer, rather than the top layer itself. Siletnight’s Beethoven has the latex under the memory foam, to support the memory foam and give it a more solid feel. The latex also prevents movement between two partners lying on a larger bed, like a double, queen, or king, so if you are looking for a bed that ensures that you and your partner won’t disturb each other, a latex bed will fit the bill!

Do you want a latex mattress?

To enquire about latex mattresses, phone The Mattress Warehouse on 0861 007 000, or simply order them online on our website here. We deliver for free, nationwide, and we would love to serve you as simply as possible. Happy sleeping!

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