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Double Flat Sheets

Our beds come in many different styles and sizes to suit your unique sleeping needs and your bedroom layout. If you need some help deciding what bed size is perfect for you, take a look at our bed size guide.

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Flat Sheets
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Buy the Best Double Flat Sheets Online

Why venture out there and visit every shop in search of the best flat sheet for your double bed when you can easily shop online at The Mattress Warehouse? A flat sheet, along with a stunning duvet and a suitable fitted sheet can be the best accessory for your bed. At The Mattress Warehouse, we have one of the biggest selections of top quality double bed flat sheets for sale at great prices. All of our mattresses and mattress accessories are made from the highest quality materials and our flat sheets are no exception.

Among our collection of flat sheets, we have the Basel 500 Thread Cotton Flat Sheet, the Cotton 250 Thread Flat Sheet and the Poly Cotton 250 Flat Sheet. This is the perfect thread count if you are looking for sheets to add comfort to your bed.

Should you have a flat sheet or a fitted sheet?

Perhaps you might want to have both? There is no wrong way to kit out your bed when you are looking to create the most comfortable sleeping space as possible. A flat sheet differs vastly from a fitted sheet in that it does not have elastic edges. But they are the same in that they can both be used as a fitted sheet. The flat sheet is often considered to be a protective barrier between the sleeper and the duvet. This can keep the duvet cleaner for longer.

For many people, it is ideal to have both a flat and a fitted sheet. And there are a few basic but powerful reasons why the combo is such a great idea. The first great reason is that the comfortable flat sheet can be a sleep saver during the hot summer months when you don’t need a duvet but might find that you need a little something over you at night.

The second reason why you might want the fitted sheet and flat sheet combo is that it adds to the appearance of the bedroom. Having all three accessories can make your bed look complete and for the hospitality industry, this is even more important because it can help to create a great first impression.

The Old Debate: Do you really need a flat sheet?

The right answer to this is that we can’t give you an answer. The only thing that we can say is that it is all down to your preferences. It all comes down to how comfortable you are.

If you are looking for a way to decide whether or not you should have a top sheet, then consider this:

  • Are you sharing your double bed with a partner? Sometimes a partner gets warmer and in such cases, they might not want to have a top sheet.
  • Do you like to jump out of bed in the morning and not have to fuss when making your bed? A top sheet can mean it takes longer to make your bed and so you might want to skip having this sheet.
  • Lastly, do you actually want to have a top sheet? If not, then why spend the extra money?

But if you are like us, and you love having a top sheet, then you should have a look at our selection. We stock the best double bed flat sheets and great prices.