Queen Flat Sheets

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Flat Sheets


Buy Affordable Queen Size Flat Sheets Online

Once you have a new mattress, a fitted sheet and a duvet, you might look at your bed and think that there is something missing. That something is probably a flat sheet. Queen size flat sheets are available from The Mattress Warehouse as part of our range of bed accessories.

Our high-quality selection of flat sheets are made from both poly cotton and cotton. Our Basel 500 Thread Cotton Flat Sheet, our Cotton 250 Thread Flat Sheet and our Poly Cotton 250 Thread Flat Sheet provide just the right thread count to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Fitted Sheets vs. Flat Sheets

The only difference between a fitted sheet and a flat sheet is that the fitted sheet has an elastic edging. In fact, many people use a flat sheet as a fitted sheet. But, generally, the flat sheet is placed between a duvet or comforter while the fitted sheet covers the mattress. The flat sheet, which can also be called a top sheet, can keep the underside of the duvet clean.

Most people have a fitted and flat sheet combination, and while this is entirely a matter of preference, there are two advantages to having both styles of sheets. The first and often the most common benefit that people enjoy is the extra comfort. Soft sheets are a must if you want to improve the quality of your sleep which is why so many people have a top sheet.

The other, less common but interesting benefit, is that a flat sheet can make the queen size bed look complete. It adds an extra something to the bed, and this can be a big advantage for those in the hospitality industry.

But is a flat sheet necessary?

No, it’s not necessary, but it is a matter of preference. Some people simply prefer to have the extra sheet while others are quite comfortable with not having a flat sheet. Sometimes, the matter of whether or not to have a flat sheet is influenced by culture. In Europe, the flat sheet is not all that common while in American culture, the extra sheet is a must!

Deciding if you need a flat sheet

If you are stuck with your decision making and you are unsure about whether to buy the sheet or not, have a look at these factors that can influence your decision making:

  • Do you share your bed with a partner and does your partner like having a top sheet? If your partner does not like having a top sheet, then you might need to compromise.
  • Are you in favour of a low maintenance lifestyle? If so, then you might not want to have a flat sheet as it will take up time in the morning.
  • And do you really want a flat sheet? If not, then save your money!

Should a flat sheet be just what you are looking for, then you deserve to spoil yourself with the best flat sheets on the market. Buy yours online at The Mattress Warehouse.