Three Quarter Extra Length Flat Sheets

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Flat Sheets
Three Quarter Extra Length


Find High Quality Three Quarter XL Flat Sheets at The Mattress Warehouse

Shopping online for the best bed accessories has never been this easy! Along with stocking the very best bed brands in the country, we also have the finest selection of flat sheets for all bed sizes. Our three quarter XL flat sheets are affordable and their extra length has made them the ideal size for anyone with an XL bed. Our great prices along with our high-quality sheets guarantee that your bed will be more comfortable and your sleep improved!

The Mattress Warehouse’s selection of fitted sheets and flat sheets is designed for all bed brands and will become the perfect addition to any bed.

There is only one difference between the normal three quarter flat sheet and the three quarter XL flat sheet, and that is the size. The normal sheet has the dimensions of 107 cm x 188 cm while the larger, XL sheet has the dimensions of 107 cm x 200 cm.

The Ultimate Bed Accessories

The flat sheet, fitted sheet and duvet (or comforter) are often considered the three must have bed accessories (not including pillows). Having all three can not only make a bed so much more comfortable but it can also make the bed look “complete”.

The flat sheet differs from the fitted sheet for one very distinct reason and that is the elastic edges. Fitted sheets are really easy to use and they don’t move around during the night. This means that in the morning, no time is wasted when making the bed. The flat sheet, however, is often much larger in size than the fitted sheet, but it can also be used as a fitted sheet.

There are at least three good reasons why you should really consider having a flat sheet; comfort, cleanliness and looks. An extra sheet, especially if it has the right thread count, is often the key to providing your bed with extra comfort. The next benefit is that the flat sheet can actually keep the underside of your duvet clean, as it creates a barrier between the sleeper and the duvet. And finally, the sheet can give any bed a polished look.

Is a Three Quarter XL Sheet for you?

Some people are wholeheartedly in favour of a flat sheet while others simply don’t want one. There is no right or wrong way to arrange your bed. There is only the way that you prefer the most.

If you find yourself on the fence about whether or not you should have this style of sheet then consider this; are you going to be sharing your bed and does your partner want a flat sheet, are you low maintenance and prefer a quick morning routine, and do you have your heart set on having such a sheet?

Answer that and you should be able to decide if this sheet is for you. The Mattress Warehouse has one of the best selections of all type of bedding, including the three quarter XL sheet. Shop online today and take advantage of our low prices!