Can you buy a mattress to stop back pain?

Do you wake up with a stiff back that aches as you bend down to tie your shoe laces? Have you had a back operation and need to lie in a specific position just to ensure that shooting pains don’t go up your back and neck? Or maybe you just have a bad back that gets painful and almost paralysed if you sleep in a bad position. Solve all your sleeping problems as far as they can be relieved with an appropriate bed for your condition, bought from The Mattress Warehouse. We have beds from every different brand, and perhaps one could be the answer to your nightly pain.

Waking up in pain makes your whole day difficult.
Waking up in pain makes your whole day difficult.

When shopping for a mattress bear in mind that the larger your mattress is, the better you’ll sleep. So if your room has space, get a double bed (or larger if you’re sleeping with a partner). This is because a larger bed is built with more support, ensuring that you will not lie on the edge of the bed, which isn’t as well upheld as the rest and will sink down from the weight, twisting your back. Also go into the bed shop with a specific objective in mind, otherwise the salesperson can lead you around to the bed they want to sell you, rather than the one that would work best for you (Although at The Mattress Warehouse we would never do that! We want you to buy the bed that suits you and meets your needs).


At the same time, be open minded to a bed that might suit you better than the one you’ve set your heart on. If you’ve decided on a foam, a coil bed might end up being the feel that you want, such as a Simmons. Don’t believe that the firmest bed the best bed is for a bad back. The best bed is one that will support your lower back and shoulders, and one that is too firm won’t do that, it will only make it worse, so beware anyone who tells you to go for the firmest bed. Here are the way different brands have dealt with supporting the back in their mattress components:

Simmons with the Backcare : For those who likes coils and a softer mattress. This bed is divided into “zones” with soft bands of coils under the hips and shoulders to allow them to sink in slightly. It has firmer bands of coils in between under the lower back and calves, which will be slightly higher than the softer bands, and so come in to support the lower back by holding it up in its natural s -curve while you are on your back or side.

simmons backcare 5 mattress

Rest Assured with the Backguard: A mixture of foam and coils. In the middle of the bed is a band of foam pieces, like books in a book shelf (pointing downwards). Rest Assured beds are made with coils with foam comfort layers, but the foam layers are opened across the middle of the bed (from side to side, not top to bottom), where your hips would be, and there are vertical pieces of foam rather than flat, horizontal pieces of foam. These six bars of foam will allow your naturally heavier hips to sink in slightly more than the rest of the body, supporting your lower back and keeping your spine level rather than bent upwards.

Memory foam responds to your body's needs and shape.
Memory foam responds to your body’s needs and shape.

Genessi beds use memory foam which naturally allows the heavier parts of your body to sink into the foam, and the foam around it conforms around the shape of your body and keeps the lumbar region well supported. Memory foam is used by Cloud Nine for this purpose as well, and Cloud Nine beds are endorsed by the chiropractors association of South Africa, and are among the best beds available. They feel firm when one first starts sleeping on them, but after a few weeks have softened up and become comfortable and supportive. This is because they aren’t too soft, but are responsive enough that the body’s curves are cushioned. Cloud Nine beds also last very long and are supportive for longer because they can be turned, making them more hygienic and causing the foam to resettle every few months, making the bed stronger for longer.

Sleep well with The Mattress Warehouse!
Sleep well with The Mattress Warehouse!

If your bed is giving you back pain, if you struggle with an aching back that ruins even your everyday moments, consider how much difference a new bed could make. Let us help you at The Mattress Warehouse to buy one that could change your life. We are not medical practitioners and you should definitely consult yours for a back problem, and while we do not guarantee that a mattress bought from us would solve or cure your back problems, the importance of a mattress in having a healthy bed cannot be understated.View our bargain-priced deals on headboards and other bed accessories today. Call us now 0861 007 000 or buy a bed online on our website here.


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  3. Hi I am looking for a good quality king size mattress medium firm with memory foam and cool blue gel to support my back with a diagnosis of lumbar stenosis. Max weight support 135kg per person or no limit. Micro quilted. plush. I live in capetown

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