More secrets to a good night’s sleep

“I saw him sleeping at his desk the other day. Seeing someone completely asleep during working hours is  a rather bizarre scene but I could completely sympathise with him. The weeks of work were starting to play havoc on the little down time that we had and everyone was feeling that bleary-eyed weariness that comes from stressful sleep and late nights. I shook him awake before anyone could notice.”

Have you ever seen anyone so tired that they could simply fall asleep right where they are sitting? Perhaps your own midday exhaustion has come knocking a few times and keeping your eyes open has also been a bit of a task. It’s not good for your health, it is not good for your productivity and it is not good for your concentration. When you are overtired it becomes all too easy to let procrastination creep in and it is equally too easy to let your work quality take an unnecessary dip. We all function at different levels, but regardless of how much sleep you need to function, sometimes buying a new mattress will help but for other times, there are 8 incredible secrets that are guaranteed to improve your rest.

Feeling tired and stressed for most of the day can be avoided by starting the day properly and in some instances by buying a new mattress
Feeling tired and stressed for most of the day can be avoided by starting the day properly and in some instances by buying a new mattress

Are you struggling to sleep? Maybe you just want to get better shut-eye? Try these easy 8 sleep secrets:

Better sleep tops almost every forum discussion, so it would seem that people are not getting the kind of sleep that is needed. Forget discussions about becoming a millionaire if you can’t even get enough rest to encourage you to get out of bed in the morning. Like it or not, sleep is king and when you are struggling to sleep and to stay asleep, being the productive person who can make amazing things happen is going to be a bigger struggle than is necessary.

In a recent article which appeared on the popular online magazine Entrepreneur, a sleep researcher and psychology and psychiatry professor at the University of Pittsburgh in the USA shared some amazing knowledge through answering a bunch of questions regarding sleep. These are the 8 secrets that she shared regarding sleep.

Secret #1: Do not sleep more than you need to

Don't oversleep, or change your sleep pattern drastically. It can damage your sleep quality.
Don’t oversleep, or change your sleep pattern drastically. It can damage your sleep quality.

So you have been awake on and off throughout the night for a whole week and now it is Friday night. You know that tomorrow you don’t have to have your alarm on for the next day and you are planning on sleeping nice and late. Like it or not there is actually a problem with doing something like this. More sleep does not actually benefit you in the ways that you think it should. Rather you are going to be making yourself more tired and more restless than you have been all week. It sounds a bit contradictory but our bodies have a habit of getting into a routine that is not easily broken. Once you have reached that point where you are going to bed at the same time every night and waking at the same time every morning, it is best not to break the pattern, even if it is just to catch a few more winks.

Secret #2: Don’t attempt to get by on less sleep

Forget everything you have heard about so-called benefits of getting less sleep, there is no such thing. Some of us naturally function on less sleep than others but we are certainly not all the same in this regard. If you are anything like me, 8 – 9 hours leaves me functioning correctly the next day, anything less has me feeling like a zombie. Don’t take people who only allow themselves to sleep 4 hours as some kind of example. Get the amount of sleep that is adequate to your needs.

Secret #3: Don’t lie in bed if you are not able to sleep

I can guarantee you that you are going to know exactly what I am talking about when I mention that some nights you will be lying awake in your bed for hours before you nod off. And it is during those seemingly long wakeful hours that you find yourself stressing about the sleep that you are not getting. But there is a technique that you can use to help you. It is known as sleep restriction and it is a fabulous way to get sleep when you need it. Should you be struggling to sleep, start going to bed later in the evening. You can do that by limiting your time in bed. For example, only climb into bed when you are actually tired enough to fall asleep. Don’t cut back on your sleep, only your time spent in bed.

Secret #4: Have a sleep ritual

Having a nightly ritual can get your mind ready for sleep
Having a nightly ritual can get your mind ready for sleep

As children, we did certain things, every night before we went to bed. Our parents would have us brush our teeth and hair, then perhaps read us a story before we slipped off. A ritual is not reserved just for children and having a ritual can be immensely beneficial to your sleep as an adult as well. Whether it is reading a book or having a warm bath or shower, having a ritual is a good idea. The moment that you are able to set up a ritual that will encourage you to sleep, you are going to be going a long way towards enjoying wonderful sleep night after night.

Secret #5: Make a point of de-stressing

Life is stressful but it doesn’t have to get you down and prevent you from getting nightly rest. You need to make a point of de-stressing before you lay down to sleep each night. When you are stressed up your hormones are releasing a stimulant that is going to keep you awake. You have been wound up all day, so it is important to de-stress and relax before you head to bed.

We still don’t know exactly why it is that we sleep.

It sounds crazy but with all of the advancement we have experienced, we still cannot say exactly why it is that we sleep. Sure, sleep revitalises our bodies and our minds, but the processes that are happening while we are sleeping plays an immensely bigger role than that. Sleep is a huge factor in our survival. But we are still largely unable to pinpoint exactly why it is that we go to sleep, there is simply no specific reason. One of the biggest and most popular reasons for our sleep is that it allows time for our brains to cleanse itself.

We wish you a good night of rest and many sweet dreams. If you are in need of a new mattress, which might certainly be the case if you are not sleeping comfortably, then let The Mattress Warehouse assist you in finding the ideal bed.