Buying a Bed Without Partner Disturbance

Is sleeping together costing you sleep?
Is sleeping together costing you sleep?

There’s a saying that you sleep better with the one that you love, but we all know that no matter how much you love the person you’re sleeping next to, if they’re tossing and turning or if you are disturbed by their multiple nightly bathroom visits, you won’t sleep well at all. This is where motion isolation technology is important. Motion isolation means that each person’s own movements and ups and downs are not felt by the other, as they are contained to the area where they occur. There are various different mattresses that do this, either using foam or coils.

Both pocket coils and foam work very well for motion isolation.
Both pocket coils and foam work very well for motion isolation.


One type of bed brand, Simmons, boasts that their beds have almost to no movement transfer. Simmons uses individually wrapped pocket coils to accomplish a bed that keeps motion isolated. Pocket coils are individual springs each encased in a “pocket” of fabric to keep the coils from squeaking, interlocking, or poking through the mattress.

These coils are then sewn together by the pockets to make a coil unit. Simmons’ pocket coils are not connected to each other along with the breadth of the bed, so the motion does not travel between the two people on the bed, only up and down the length.

Simmons coils are made with different wire thickness to give them a softer or firmer feel, and the thinner wires are more susceptible to transferring movement between them, but the feeling is very minimal, due to the fabric wrapped around the coils. The fabric is from Belgium, and Simmons specifically uses it to encase their pocket coils because although it is very soft and breathable, it does not rip, meaning that the coils can’t come out and poke into the comfort layers above, damaging them and possibly poking into you, the sleeper, as well. It’s important that the fabric is breathable to keep the bed cool and fresh, but also that it is strong enough to encase the coils, which is exactly what the Simmons fabric does.

Foam Beds

Unlike coils, which are bouncy and are very good movement conduits, foam is naturally good for motion isolation, meaning that most foam beds have very little motion transfer.

Memory foam, used in Cloud Nine beds, absorbs motion as part of its properties of conforming to body heat, which is why the memory foam beds are very soft and totally motion transfer free. The memory foam is too soft and too solid to allow movement to be felt from one end to the other.

Latex Foam is bouncier than memory foam, but still a very solid, inanimate surface, making it very comfortable yet without motion transfer. Latex is used in Genessi and Silentnight mattresses to make them firmer and more resilient. Latex is also more natural than memory foam. Latex is a lot firmer than memory foam, making it great for the couple that likes a firmer bed without the bounciness of coils, and of course, with no motion transfer!

Sleep well on a Mattress Warehouse bed.
Sleep well on a Mattress Warehouse bed.

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