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You are pregnant, how wonderful! Along with the beautiful gift of pregnancy, you may find that you are noticing a change in your sleeping patterns. Take comfort, you are not alone! Most pregnant women find it more and more difficult to sleep well as their pregnancy evolves. Statistics show that as much as 97 per cent of pregnant women have some difficulty sleeping. However, statistics are not set in stone and needn’t apply to you. With a few tweaks to your habits, changing your pregnancy sleeping patterns is absolutely doable. Regardless of which stage of pregnancy you are in, you can take control of your maternity sleeping schedule and sleep better.

Having a list of items that add the comfort and support your body craves will help enormously. Furthermore, implementing the sleep positions that perfectly support your new shape can make all the difference. Finally, knowing which techniques will help you sleep better will help you for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond. Follow the tips below to assure yourself of great sleep during your entire pregnancy.

The pleasures of pregnancy pillows

Being pregnant means a change in body shape and size. Learning to sleep well with these relatively rapid changes is quite an accomplishment. Thankfully, pregnancy pillows are perfect since manufacturers design them with you in mind. Furthermore, they are soft or firm with different shapes and sizes to choose from, whichever trimester you are in. Using a sleep pillow will greatly benefit your sleep while pregnant.

The Body Pillow

Firstly, the body pillow. As per the name, it is the same size as your body. Sleeping with your leg draped over this pillow is very comfy. A cosy position to sleep in during pregnancy.

The U-Shaped Pillow

Next is the U-shaped pillow. If you love sleeping wrapped up in a perfectly cosy sandwhich, this is the one for you. Sleep secure while pregnant.

pregnancy and sleep
Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing or sleeping with tummy supporting pillow at bed. Young mother waiting of a baby. Concept of pregnancy, maternity, health care, gynecology, medicine. (Beautiful pregnant woman relaxing or sleeping with tummy supporting

The Wedge Pillow

Thirdly, if you are looking for support for either your belly or your back the wedge pillow is it. A little extra support may be all you require to sleep well while pregnant.

Additionally, fabric choice impacts the quality of your sleep during pregnancy. You may prefer more natural pillow covers and inners that breathe and protect you from dust mites and other allergens. Consequently, hemp or bamboo are ideal choices. In addition, ensure they are extremely easy clean. Being pregnant means that you will want to eliminate all unnecessary chores.

The Best Sleeping Positions

Re-training yourself to sleep in a position that benefits both you and your growing uterus, may take some patience. However, the benefits far outweigh any effort on your part. Choosing the right sleep position will ensure both you and your unborn baby rest well.

Don’t Sleep On Your Back

Let’s first get the positions to avoid out of the way. Firstly, sleeping on your back is a no-no for now. Besides the discomfort, this position can be dangerous during the latter stages of pregnancy. Impeding bood flow and compressing nerves means this is a position best to avoid. However, if you wake and find you are sleeping on your back, there is no need to panic. Simply turn onto your side again. Your body will let you know if there is a problem with the blood flow to your baby. Unusual nausea and dizziness are the signs to watch out for. Usually, after twenty weeks, you will not be sleeping on your back at all anyway. During sleep your body will automatically turn over onto its side. This ensures you sleep safely while pregnant.

Sleep On Your Side

Sleeping on your side is the healthiest choice during pregnancy. The National Sleep Foundation stipulates that you ought to sleep on your left hand side when pregnant. A strong blood and nutrient flow to your heart, kidneys and uterus, ensures both you and your baby remain healthy.

Additionally, sleeping on the left is a great way to alleviate heartburn while you are pregnant. Being beneficial to the digestive system, this position is a wonderful way to address many sleep issues. However, you need not to be afraid to sleep on your right-side. An occasional turn during the night is natural and ensures you don’t get a numb arm or sore shoulder. Side sleeping for pregnant women is beneficial, whether you sleep on your left or right.

To accompany your new sleeping position for pregnancy, it is essential to have the right mattress. Side sleepers require a mattress that is more soft than firm. Your body needs to be able to sink in to precisely the right degree for best comfort and support. However, do not sleep on a mattress that is too soft. If you experience muscular aches and pains when you wake up, these may be a sign your mattress needs firming up. Acquiring a bamboo memory foam mattress is ideal. Memory foam perfectly adjusts to your body shape while remaining supportive. Additionally Kooi has a mattress that manufacturers make particularly with you in mind. Sleeping well while pregnant is easy with the correct support.

Smaller Meals Improve Sleep

Space for easy digestion decreases as your pregnancy develops. Whereas you might have been able to eat a full plate without any trouble before, the situation is different now. Avoid large meals particularly after 5pm. Take note that an uneasy digestive systems leads to heartburn or other discomforts. Rather spread the same amount of food over two meals and eat as frequently as you desire. Make sure you give your body ninety minutes for digestion between each half portion. When you are pregnant, eat light to sleep deep.

Be Aware Of What You Eat

During pregnancy, you sleep as well as you eat! Foods that hamper the ability to sleep are often those that taste strong or rich. Creamy meals and garlic or chilli-rich meals are best to eliminate from your diet. The same applies to pepper. Additionally, remove the stimulation of salt from your diet. Equally importantly, avoid coffee or caffeinated teas. Stimulants are substances you can do without if you wish to sleep well during your pregnancy. Chocolate, as delicious and comforting as it may be, is another food that is high in caffeine.

Furthermore, avoid oily foods. That being said, one teaspoon of a top quality oil such as cold-pressed olive or grape seed oil can aid digestion and ease bowel movements. Reducing the chance of the uncomfortable effects of constipation is another new priority on your list. Sleeping deeply with a tummy that feels blocked is not easy at the best of times. Making healthier choices now improves your sleep quality for the remainder of your pregnancy. In addition, you prevent the sleep-interrupting discomforts of acid reflux.

Stimulate Melatonin With Water

Aside from eliminating constipation, sipping water all day allows melatonin production to continue as per normal. Moreover, melatonin is essential for good sleep generally. With the additional challenges of pregnancy, you do not want to be short of this hormone! Furthermore, the body requires water for everyone of the biological processes it carries out every moment. Drink up and sleep deep your entire pregnancy!

Relaxation Will Improve Sleep

Mildly warm baths and the occasional pregnancy massage are perfect to enable deep sleep. After all, indulging as much as possible before the birth of your baby is ideal. In addition, your baby will benefit from your low stress levels. Relaxed mothers are more likely to give birth to relaxed babies. Relax daily and sleep deep while you are pregnant.

Another great way to address anxiety is to colour in. Something about colouring in brings back the peace of childhood. Many varieties of adult colouring in books are available at any large book store. Have fun choosing from amongst geometric patterns to fairy landscapes and everything in between. Spending twenty minutes on colouring in everyday is extremely therapeutic. Emotional wellbeing leads to delicious rests during your pregnancy.

Teach yourself to sleep

Learning sleep inducing techniques is particularly useful during pregnancy. Besides, you may as well train your body to sleep more easily before your baby arrives. The first six weeks of his life are erratic enough. Being a new mother who is adjusting to his unfamiliar needs, sleep deprivation is not something you want to add to the mix.

Reprogram your software

Light activates the hormones that wake you up and is especially applicable to your cellphone and similar devices. So, best avoid technology between the hours of dusk and sunrise. However, there are some fabulous apps and more that will benefit you. Downloading an app for relaxation or streaming beautiful music and meditations are superb ways to help you relax. First thing in the morning and last thing at night are most beneficial to enhance sleep during pregnancy.

Your body will sleep best while pregnant when you apply the following law of nature. Working hand in hand with the natural patterns of light and dark is essential to good sleep. Day time is for being active, dusk for slowing down and night is for slumbering. The success rate of your sleep schedule vastly improves when applying these simple precepts.

Live the yogi life

Firstly, doing yoga calms the nerves of a first-time mother to be, enabling good sleep. Furthermore, you may have additional physical tension to deal with. After all, your body is rapidly changing in shape and size. Muscular tension is not unusual and sleep cycles may suffer as a result . Fortunately, pregnancy yoga is gentle and suites your changing shape perfectly. Yoga is a wonderful solution that enables you to sleep well during pregnancy.

Furthermore, yoga balances body and mind. Yoga is the perfect answer to any pre sleep tension problems during pregnancy. However, if you have any health issues or any concerns as to whether you should be doing yoga, check with your doctor first.

Nap to your heart’s content before 4pm

Napping for two is as important as eating for two while pregnant. Furthermore, learning to nap will stand you in good stead now and in the first months of your baby’s life. Naps are ideal for an extra indulgence and at times of great need. Did you know that napping for twenty minutes enables you to cope better mentally and physically? Moreover, longer naps help your body to deal with the extra demands of pregnancy. However, as in eating for two, napping for two is best done earlier in the day rather than later. Napping after four while pregnant may affect your ability to sleep well at night.


Sleep is more essential than ever at this stage of your life. In addition, making adjustments and learning new ways of coping will serve you and your baby in the short and long term. Following the easy steps above will ensure you get the sleep you need during all the stages of your pregnancy.