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Kids Beds & Furniture

At The Mattress Warehouse, our interesting and fun selection of Kids Beds and bedroom furniture is guaranteed to deal with and help you create a fun but relaxed sleeping space for your kids. There is no reason why your child’s bedroom décor should not fit in with the bedroom furniture. A child’s bedroom is their special place where they are surrounded by their toys and the imaginative places and adventures that they have created. It is also a space where they can relax. Children are fantastic when it comes to creating a fantasy world of their own, and when you have the right kids bedroom sets you can help them get the best out of their young years. We have a range of kids beds and children's furniture on sale now!

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#1 Kids Beds, Childrens Furniture  & Bedroom Furniture your toddler will love.

When you are designing your child’s sleeping space, there are no rules to follow. Kid’s bedroom furniture comes in different designs and different colours, giving you and your child ( boys and girls ) lots of creative license. Looking for a castle bed? Perhaps a sporty race car? Maybe just a loft kiddie’s bed to make them feel like they are on top of the world. When you start decorating your child’s room, The Mattress Warehouse is the best place for you to start your shopping. With girls bedroom furniture and boys bedroom furniture available, you can take your time to review some of the best brands on sale now.

Get back to basics with quality kid’s furniture and beds.

With so many pieces of kid’s bedroom furniture on the market these days, you might have trouble deciding where to start your creative venture. Luckily the best guide is right by your side; your child. Your child has probably already told you exactly what it is that they want their bedroom to look like. Whether it is that cartoon or movie that they cannot stop talking about, or whether it is a passion that they are immersed in, they are the guide that you need. But while they are going to be helping you create the perfect atmosphere, as the parent you need to make sure that you have ticked all of the right boxes when it comes to children’s bedroom furniture that is going to be in their room. This is where The Mattress Warehouse can assist you! Here are some pieces you need.

A cosy kiddies bed

The years that your children are young are going to pass by quickly. It is important that during these developmental years you give them the most comfortable kid’s beds to sleep on. Children’s beds are very different to adult beds, as a child has different needs. A growing body needs a different type of support. And while you can buy that bed that will do them well right into their teenage years, your young ones should start out with a bed designed to properly support them. It is important to start with the right mattress.

The mattress is one of the most important things to consider. Mattresses for kids come in two types; springs and foams. Memory foam and innerspring pocket coil are very popular and designed to give just the right amount of support to a growing body. Natural latex foam is also a great choice as it has hypoallergenic qualities.

It is not just the support that is important when you are thinking about mattresses. Comfort is key. Children spend lots of time on their beds, it is where they play with toys and where they read when they are not running around outdoors. Having a comfortable mattress is a priority. The consultants at The Mattress Warehouse have lots of experience in giving advice about the best types of mattresses for children and they will be able to help you find that super comfortable mattress, designed just for kid’s beds.

The bed is the most basic part of kid’s bedroom sets but there are those beds that have an interesting design spin. Think, for instance, about the bed frame and the shape that you would like it to take. Adults have very basic bed frames, but when it comes to kid’s furniture those frames can turn into something straight out of their imagination. Remember that they are only children once, so buying a bed that looks like a castle fortress or a race car could really make them shine with happiness. Alternatively, if you already have the bed but you are looking for a way to add that touch of magic, you can buy a kiddies headboard. The Mattress Warehouse has these unique looking kiddies bed frames for sale along with kiddies headboards. You can find them online or at our shop.

  • A glowing light

The piece of children’s furniture that you need to include, but might overlook, is a glowing light. Being afraid of the dark is part of most childhoods, and one way that you can eliminate that fear is to place a glowing light in the room. The type that can glow all night without it becoming dangerously warm is what you should be looking for. Glowing lights are available in all sorts of cute animal designs and other shapes that will fit in beautifully with the other kid’s bedroom furniture. Such a light can bring your child lots of comfort and even help them sleep through the night with no issues.

  • A bookcase

Whether or not your child can read, having books in their bedroom is a must. A bookcase will provide a safe place for the literature that is going to be used for bedtime stories, and such a piece of kid’s furniture will not go to waste as it can be used years down the line as your child grows older. You can decorate a bookcase to fit in with the current décor of the room and change it as your child grows and their tastes change.

  • A place for the toys

Bedroom accessories for your child should include a neat place to put the toys. Some beds are designed to include toy boxes or drawers beneath them. These are the ideal combination to have in your child’s room as it won’t take up additional space. Drawers, chests, and what are known as toy boxes are also great pieces of kid’s furniture to have.

Let your imagination run free when you are creating that perfect bedroom for your child, and make sure that you find the right bed and the right mattress. Where they sleep and what they sleep on will contribute to their happiness, their comfort and to the type of sleep that they have. Keep in mind that most pieces can be used as either girls bedroom furniture or boys bedroom furniture.  Looking for more advice and for affordable kid’s beds / furniture? The Mattress Warehouse is the place to start. SA’s Children’s furniture mecca.

The Mattress Warehouse is also a seller of double beds, king sized beds and queen-sized beds. We stock world famous brands, giving you the best selection of beds. On sale now! If you cant find that perfect kiddies bed – let us then find it for you.

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