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Leather Beds

The bed and mattress combo are without a doubt the most important item of furniture in your bedroom. Not only should the bed set look appealing, its most important role is functional. It needs to be comfortable while adding to the appearance and styling of your bedroom. Leather beds tick all the boxes in terms of design and functionality. The Mattress Warehouse has a range of designer leather beds that will look good in any bedroom design plan.

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In addition you will find a range of bedroom accessories like pedestals and storage units and bedside lamps that are specifically designed to complement our range of elusive leather bed sets. All of these elements are designed to convey a plush and luxurious feeling to your bedroom décor.

What is a Leather Bed?

Instead of a wooden bed frame or a metal one, a leather bed is basically a bed frame and headboard covered in a fine quality leather. These beds look simply gorgeous and they are designed to add a certain amount of style to your bedroom.

With a leather headboard, you will not only have something comfortable to lean against, as the headboard is padded, but you will also have something to protect your walls. Our leather beds are available in different designs and different colours, enabling you to compare the different styles before you buy one of our leather touch beds for sale. At the moment, in our online store, we have black leather beds.

You can place any mattress with any amount of clearance you like on a leather bed. The bed base of these beds is guaranteed to provide you with additional support, which makes them not only great to look at but comfortable to sleep on.

Leather beds for sale are also available in different sizes. So, if you have been eyeing that king size bed but you also want a leather bed, you will be able to buy the bed set.

Leather beds are available in a range of contemporary designs ranging from classic Italian design to Scandinavian design like the Oslo leather bed range available from The Mattress Warehouse.

Advantages of Leather Beds

  • Luxury – nothing beats the look and feel of a real leather bed. It has the look and smell of money and the beauty of styling with a leather bed is that you won’t need to overstyle the bedroom with expensive accessories. Simplicity and class at its best.
  • Variety – leather beds come in a range of styles and colour options. Popular styles available from The Mattress Warehouse include the Paris Leather bed and the Oslo Leather bed.
  • Comfort – this is probably the most important factor, the leather upholstered headboard provides your head with extra comfort and makes relaxing in bed so much more pleasurable.
  • Storage Solutions – many modern leather beds provide for ample storage under the mattress.
  • Longevity – The quality wood and leather used in the manufacture provide for a sturdy bed set that will last. The leather beds available at The Mattress Warehouse are made from Mahogany or Chestnut wood.
  • Maintenance – leather beds are easy to maintain and, if you look after the bed, it will last a lifetime. Any stains or spills are easily wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Leather beds typically have clean contemporary lines which make them ideal for most bedroom designs.

Leather Bed Buyer’s Guide

When shopping around for a leather bed there are a couple of factors that you need to consider to ensure that you get the best deal. These include:

  • Is the bed manufactured from real or faux leather? Real leather will be more expensive, but will no doubt last longer and more importantly – you can’t beat the aroma of real leather.
  • What wood has been used in the manufacturing process? SA Pine is cheaper and more affordable. However the wood used by The Mattress Warehouse is Mahogany and Chestnut and is more durable and will last forever.
  • Size is another consideration – fortunately The Mattress Warehouse has leather beds in all popular sizes ranging from single through to king size. Warranty – what warranty does the retailer provide with your new leather bed? The Mattress Warehouse provides a 100 day comfort trial.
  • Warranty – what warranty does the retailer provide with your new leather bed? The Mattress Warehouse provides a 100 day comfort trial.
  • Delivery options – does the retailer provide a delivery option? Any bed is a large item and difficult to move so you won’t be able to transport it yourself. The Mattress Warehouse provides FREE delivery countrywide.
  • Colour options – even though leather beds are available in fairly neutral colour tones, you still need to consider the colour palette that you are using in your bedroom.

Getting the Most Out of Your Leather Bed

Your new leather bed represents a major investment and you can get the most value out of you luxurious leather bed by:

  • Accessorising with quality items like a stylish down duvet, a quilt and scatter cushions.
  • Matching furniture including storage units, pedestals and other decorative items that enhance the design and layout of your bedroom.
  • Rugs and throws are decorative items that can enhance the styling and add to the comfort factor.
  • The most important rule to keep in mind though is not to overdo it and overstyle the bedroom.