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Using technology for better sleep

Memory foam mattresses are some of the most comfortable available. Moulding to your shape and minimizing the amount of disturbance that you will have to deal with, the Genessi mattresses are going to offer you a huge amount of luxury comfort and support. Using the most advanced technology, Genessi mattresses are designed with support and comfort in mind. Each bed is created with high-quality materials which ensure that you get the most out of your bed and enjoy many nights of pure comfort. Sleeping on this bed is going to revive your body and rejuvenate your mind.

Using technology that has been inspired by NASA, the Genessi mattress takes comfort to the next level. Your money will be well spent on this affordable bed range. Genessi has been making beds since the early 1960’s and they have certainly made an impressive name for themselves in their industry. Along with providing many happy customers with a comfortable bed, this bed company has also become a trusted manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam, setting up a number of factories dedicated to the manufacturing of this product. With well over 45 years in the industry, Genessi continues to provide exceptional mattresses at affordable prices.

Customers are always put first and Genessi makes sure that their mattresses for sale are going to make every customer happy. There are three materials within the bed that have made this bed brand popular; poly-latex, polyurethane high-density foam and of course the memory foam. Memory foam is a NASA invention, so you are guaranteed that you will be getting a high-quality product that is designed to give you many years of support and comfort without losing shape. The memory foam in these mattresses not only reduces pressure points but it also reacts to body heat, aiding in the moulding of the foam to your body. There is then the benefit of having memory foam if you are sharing your bed, nightly movements by a sleeping partner will no longer be a concern. With these mattresses, you can say goodbye to discomfort and issues with support.

Why invest in Genessi mattresses?

According to Genessi, there are just 5 great reasons why you should be investing in their mattresses.

  1. Incredible support: With the design of these beds and the specific materials that are used, your posture will be supported all night ensuring that your spine’s natural alignment will be kept in place while you sleep. The special foams used in this bed will also easily and comfortably support a person’s weight.
  2. No more pressure: one of the biggest reasons why a person wakes up during the night is due to pressure points. With this bed, you will no longer have to worry about pressure points. The foam in the mattress will reduce the creation of pressure points due to the contouring provided by the memory foam.
  3. Non-disturbance: a big selling point and a big advantage of having a memory foam mattress are that you will have minimal disturbance from a sleeping partner. The structure of the mattress will also reduce disturbance.
  4. Durability: The combination of foams within the mattress is guaranteed to contribute to highly durable bed.
  5. Hygienic: If you are the type to suffer from allergies from dust, this mattress is a must. The foam within the bed is treated with a Vita-Premium Protection which protects you from mosquitoes, dust mites, bacteria and bed bugs. The structure of the beds and the foams used allow air to travel through the mattress.

What’s inside makes a difference

With polyurethane, high-density foam, poly-latex, and memory foam, each of these materials are designed to give the Genessi mattresses something really special.

The polyurethane is highly versatile and will improve the comfort of your mattress and the quality of your sleep. The poly-latex is going to increase the amount of stability in the bed which in turn is going to make the bed more durable and longer lasting meaning that it is not going to lose its shape. The Poly-latex is also great for keeping bacteria at bay and aiding air circulation through the bed. But the biggest benefit is the memory foam. Conforming to your sleeping shape every night is going to be more relaxed and stress-free.

Genessi mattresses are more than just a mattress, it is a health investment. At The Mattress Warehouse, we stock the entire Genessi range so you can find the right mattresses for sale. Looking for that ultimate comfort? You will get just that and more from Genessi mattresses.