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Asha Bed (Saligna Mahogany)



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Asha Bed (Saligna Mahogany)

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Product Description

As an artistic masterpiece, the Asha Bed (Saligna Mahogany) ticks all the boxes for the eco-modern bedroom. Due to its unique architectural design, it’ll fit right into many bedroom styles. 


Queen: 154cm x 196cm
Headboard Height: 107cm
Footend Height: 45cm

All about the Asha Bed (Saligna Mahogany)

Sturdy reinforcements
A product of skilful craftsmanship, the Asha bed, is reinforced in many ways. This solid wooden frame is therefore secured with extra strong screws. This allows a wobble-free structure. Furthermore, with solid interlocking wooden slats all through the bed frame, you can rest assured knowing you and your mattress are as supported as can be!

Saligna wood
This even textured timber also provides the perfect material to complement the eco-modernist Asha Bed (Saligna Mahogany). Known for its durability, this exquisite wood will finally create the ideal balance between strength and aesthetics. 

Saligna Mahogany/ Saligna Clear stain
The Asha Saligna bed also comes in two finishes: Mahogany or clear Saligna. For a neutral and light look, enhancing the natural appearance of this timber, opt for the rich honey-coloured Saligna finish. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more of a statement bed frame, rather opt for the deep, dark Mahogany finish. This finish is imported from Portugal for only the best quality assurance in your Asha bed

Acrylic varnish
As a last rounding off, all the Asha beds are covered in a clear acrylic varnish. This ensures that your Asha bed will keep its pristine look, as well as protecting the wooden frame from any unwanted elements. 

Horizontal slats
Lastly, for ultimate mattress support, horizontal slats are evenly spaced and secured along the base of the bed frame. As a result, your mattress is steadily supported, allowing you to get the most out of your sleeper. 

Matching Saligna clear pedestal
As a bonus, the Asha Saligna bed can be paired with its matching Asha Saligna wooden pedestal. If you’re interested in doing so, please click here. 

To Summarise the Asha Bed

  • Reinforced frame to ensure sturdiness
  • Made from durable Saligna wood
  • Choose between a Saligna or Mahogany stain
  • Mahogany stain imported from Portugal
  • Finished off with a final coat of Acrylic Varnish
  • Horizontal slats for added Mattress support
  • An option to add matching Asha Saligna pedestals

Mattress Sizes

Queen152 cm x 188 cm


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