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Charlene Headboard (Mahogany) – Double

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Product Description

There is nothing better than laying back and feeling a solid, supportive headboard holding you up. No more cold walls and hard head knocks! Because when you rest against this headboard, you can be sure that this Charlene Headboard (Mahogany) – Double has got you covered. Furthermore, on the practicality side, we have the elegant yet simple design ensuring a smooth and calm finish.

The Charlene Headboard (Mahogany) – Double by Michael Calvin Designs

Now I’m no expert, but from personal experience, there are some great perks to this. Firstly, your hair does not get caught in it or hooked somewhere which could otherwise lead to a harrowing experience. No chance of that here! Also, it means that you can furnish the rest of your room without worrying about the Charlene Headboard blending in due to the easy to match and beautifully basic outlay of this piece. Not just that, but you can also change the wood used to craft this masterpiece. Just request and state which wood you would prefer when ordering the product and enjoy the perfect picture at the end when you lie down admiring your bedroom. What more could one ask for? Durability, accessibility, elegance, style, and adaptability reign mighty with this incredible Charlene Headboard.

Commencing on the topic of adaptability here are some more specific details about the Charlene Headboard. For one, the available woods to choose from come in a stunning variety of colors and textures. These include Chestnut, Mahogany, Oregon, White, Rustic, and or a Combo. How funky! This means you can pick and choose to your liking for your headboard to match your bed, cupboards, desk, or dresser! It is all up to you, simply waiting for your arrival… Then for our next feature, this specific Michael Calvin Headboard Design comes in a range of sizes. These great fits are: 91cm, 107cm, 137cm, 152cm, and 183cm. Now that is precision. So, come on over and order your very own style, perfected, and precise Charlene Headboard.


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