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Charlene Low-Foot Bed (Mahogany) – Double Bed

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Product Description

The beauty of the Charlene Bed lies in the simplistic and straightforward look of the style. However, this piece also exhibits a reliable and sophisticated approach. With elegant and spaced lines providing an essential glow that finishes off the Low Foot End Bed. The open space beneath provides a genuinely minimalist approach and is highly convenient for storage with crafted crates. Or even perfect for fun hiding spots… No matter where you are in your life or what your needs are the Charlene Low-Foot Bed (Mahogany) – Double Bed offers both style and convenience with grace and dignity. This is what makes the Charlene by Michael Calvin unique and special – perfect for your household.

The Charlene Low-Foot Bed (Mahogany) – Double Bed by Michael Calvin:

Another great thing about the Charlene Low Foot End Bed is that it comes in a range of different sizes providing enough variety for you to find the perfect fit for your uniquely sized and shaped bedroom. The available fits range from five different sizes. Just request, and we will provide; no hassle and no regrets. Without further ado here are our sizes for you: 91cm, 107cm, 137cm, 152cm, and finally the wonderfully luxurious and large 183cm.

Added on to all of this we also offer different woods for your own Charlene Low Foot End Bed. This means that you can mix and match or style to a tee your own room’s bed and its surroundings. A few key furniture pieces to look out for when ordering your preferred bed with its specific wood are cabinets, cupboards, dressing tables, and any wood framed mirrors as these have a more significant effect on the overall look of the room than one might give them credit for. Furthering on the topic, these beautiful, quality woods are Chestnut, Mahogany, Oregon, White, and Rustic. So, go ahead and find your favorite while we provide the perfect final product.


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