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Maluti Door & Drawer Pedestal (Chestnut)

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Product Description

There indeed is nothing like the perfect in size, close at hand, sturdy and reliable bedside table. But what is more with the Maluti Door & Drawer Pedestal (Chestnut) is the confidence with which you can exhibit your room. You see, the great thing about the Door and Drawer Pedestal is that it keeps your mess a secret. Your friends applaud your neatness, and your family stands in silence (from awe or shock depending on your track record…)

So, while it not only provides a beautifully honest and reminiscent look, it also cleans up your clutter and makes your bedside look acceptable. A win-win with no loss. Because, to be honest, that bed lamp and water bottle would have taken up that floor space anyway. With the magnificent Maluti Pedestal you can enjoy your room to its fullest with more storage space, more surface area, and more crisis control smash and hide escape space. What more could one ask for?

The Marvellous Maluti Door & Drawer Pedestal (Chestnut)

This beautiful door and drawer Pedestal also comes in two different kinds of wood. Your options are exact with either Chestnut or Mahogany for your picking and usage. The deep and chocolatey Chestnut is beautifully thought-evoking while the dark and savvy Mahogany evokes a mysterious and mature aura. Pick and choose what works best for you but do not forget to combine your Maluti Pedestal wood with your bed and optimally your cupboards. In the end, however, whatever you choose will be perfect as long as it works for you. Just put in your order, and we will create your personalized and magnificent very own Maluti Door & Drawer Pedestal (Chestnut). The Maluti exhibits a 600 height with a 560 width and a 380 depth.

The beautiful and solid design of the door and drawer pedestal also provides a sturdy and reliable furniture piece that will only add to the splendor and practicality of your room. So, get your very own now, and enjoy the perks that it has to offer.


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