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Rest Assured Compactum – Single Bed

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Product Description

Life is all about compromise. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes all you need to turn that frown upside down is that perfect, considerate, ticks all the boxes, deal. So, with that in mind, we sat down and thought about what we could do to give you the very best of both worlds. That is the ultimate quality mattress for the highest value yet lowest price-tag. Then we came up with the Rest Assured Compactum – Single Bed. We’ve coordinated our best endeavors to combine the two ideas into one stable, affordable, Compactum mattress. We hope you will love it as much we do.

The Compactum boasts a continuous interlocking Coil System. This means that you get the most robust durability along with stability and firmness making for reliable support. The continuous coil is also very stable. Furthermore, we have our no-turning technology which makes for your ultimate convenience. This feature enables you to save time and effort while you savor an extra five minutes on your magical mattress of rest.

Critically Concentrated Rest Assured Compactum – Single Bed

In addition, our increased pressure distribution makes for your comfort and relaxation. It ensures that your body is equally supported throughout every inch of your sleeping surface. This is especially important for any muscle related injuries and beneficial for your health in general. Then our Tempered sleep support system ensures a saggy-free, bouncing back, a firm and phenomenal foundation for your bed. Lastly, we have a great eight-year service warranty to set your mind at ease and a one-year guarantee for your mattress.

Everything about the compactum is geared towards your best interests. We preserved the quality that our Brand Name ensures while giving you an affordable way out. The real question here is, are you willing to invest in your sleep? Many people cheat on their night-time friend rest only to find out later it wasn’t worth it. You see, without proper rest, you can’t get very far in this life. And you can’t get that rest without the right mattress.


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Facts & Features:

  • Continuous Interlocking Coil mattress
  • No turn quality mattress
  • Tempered sleep support system
  • Increased pressure distribution for maximum comfort
  • 8 Year Service Warranty
  • 1 Year Guarantee

Width = 91cm, Length = 188cm