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Rest Assured Firmapaedic – Queen Bed

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Product Description

The main selling point of this mattress is the firmness. This solid Rest Assured Firmapaedic – Queen Bed will endure pretty much anything with you without letting you down. But just because it’s practical doesn’t mean its lost the sparkle! A beautiful quilted cover and no-turn requirement make for a winning combination.

Faithfully Firm and Fundamentally Fantastic:

With the Firmapaedic we guarantee a firm, reliable, supportive mattress to carry you through the night. We provide a bed you can trust. Our Continuous Interlocking Coil mechanism makes for strength, our tempered sleep support for durability, and our interlocking coils with a dual-directional response for movement, support, firmness and well, a whole lot else.

Avoiding frustration and sweating:

In the latest turn of events, we present to you our no-turn feature! This means no worries and no strain as you can sit back and relax without a time-clock ticking in the back of your mind as to when you will next have to heave over your haul.

Absolute Relief with the Rest Assured Firmapaedic – Queen Bed

Space to stretch and spread out:

With our reinforced edge support, you no longer have to worry about treacherous edges or dipping sides. Stretch and yawn with full confidence in every nook and cranny of your mattress. Our new edge gives you the full use you deserve.

Feel like Royalty with Reason:

That’s right folks, just like your on-screen silky soft bed-covers you too can boast a high quality, embroidered, stunning mattress cover. Your guests might not see it, but you’ll know it, and you’ll certainly feel it.

Here to halt hurt:

Our increased pressure distribution makes for relief from injuries and avoidance of aches from dipped sections. Along with our perfect sleeping posture aid, you will find that your sleeping position will be better supported making for a happier body in the morning.

Great Guarantees:

Our twelve-year service warranty and two-year guarantee confess our confidence in this product. We’re so proud of our Firmapaedic that we stand firm in our commitments to you. Each side of this mattress allows for 90kg per person. So, there you have it, six forthcoming reasons to find a Firmapaedic.


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Facts & Features:

  • Continuous Interlocking Coil mattress
  • Luxurious Knitted quilting surface
  • Tempered sleep support system
  • Interlocking coils with dual-directional response
  • Increased pressure distribution for maximum comfort
  • No sagging edges – reinforced edge support
  • Perfect sleeping posture support
  • No-Turn mattress
  • 12 Year Service Warranty
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 90kg Per Person

Width = 152cm, Length = 188cm, Thickness = 23cm