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Rest Assured Hatfield NT Mattress

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Rest Assured Hatfield NT Mattress



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Rest Assured Hatfield NT Mattress
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You save R 1,000.00
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King XL
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Rest Assured Hatfield NT Mattress

Comfort Level

12 Years Service Warranty

2 Year Guarantee

Weight Limit

90 kg per person

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Product Description

What’s in a wonderful mattress? Years of expertise, innumerable hours of research, leading technology and the finest of materials, all packaged together, with pride and joy, into one neat product. Since 1979, Rest Assured has become known for providing high quality at an outstanding value. Being the first certified South African company to manufacture the Matrix sleep support system, you can make their beds your first choice. For exclusive sleep innovation and incredible comfort, try the Rest Assured Hatfield NT Mattress. 

Comfort Level 3: Medium Firm

Suitable for the following Sleeping styles:

  • Back sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers

Great Quality, no-turn mattress
When you sink into bed each night, you don’t need to give a thought to the layers of firm, reconstituted foam, high-density foam and fibre which provide that feeling of pure luxury beneath you. Enjoy your sleep and know that tomorrow, when you get home feeling tired and worn out, another good night’s rest is waiting for you. What’s more, you can forget about ever needing to flip this mattress over.

Tempered sleep support system for strength and durability
At the heart of the Rest Assured Hatfield NT is a super strong interlocking coil structure that demonstrates a blend of time-tested and modern sleep techniques. The continuous spring system boasts 150% more working coils. This mattress provides an excellent support structure for weary bodies while at the same time wonderfully fulfilling their need for good body alignment and gentle comfort. 

Optimum pressure distribution for enhanced sleep comfort
This unique coil system offers superior conformity to your body’s contours and reduces pressure points. With gentle and stable support in the right spots, you can count on a good night’s rest.

Hygienic & Non-toxic
Trust this brand and know that each Rest Assured Mattress is made from stable, non-toxic and hygienic foams. 

Summary of the Rest Assured Hatfield NT Mattress:

  • Great quality, no-turn mattress
  • Tempered sleep support system for strength and durability
  • Interlocking coils with dual directional response
  • Optimum pressure distribution for enhanced sleep comfort
  • Hygienic & non-toxic foams
  • 2-year guarantee
  • 12-year service warranty
  • Recommended weight of no more than 90 kg per person
  • Endorsed by the South African Society of Physiotherapy

Comfort Level


Beds in this comfort scale usually fits most people’s needs. 3 Rating beds can be seen as the equilibrium of the sleeping styles. They are perfect for guest bedrooms and are also well suited for the hospitality industry. This bed is normally soft enough for the average side sleeper and supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers.

Want to know how mattress Comfort levels are rated?

Mattress Sizes

King183 cm x 188 cm
Queen152 cm x 188 cm
Double137 cm x 188 cm
Single91 cm x 188 cm


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Why Rest Assured?

Rest Assured beds are endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of South Africa. All their products have above industry standard warranties. It’s not only a beautiful mattress, but it’s also an incredibly capable one.

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