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Rest Assured Orthopaedic – Double Bed

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Product Description

Our Rest Assured Orthopaedic – Double Bed is here for all your muscle muddles and recovery needs. But not just that… This Infinite Coil Mattress offers durability, luxury, and comfort. With six heavy duty turn coils, it boasts classy comfort while still supporting you throughout. This is backed up by our reinforced edge support! This means no sagging for your mattress which in turn means no aches for you. But that’s not all; strong edges also mean that you get the most out of your bed. Stretch and roll about – your sides will stand strong. But what good is support and comfort that does not last? To prevent this mattress from just becoming a short-lived hype, Rest Assured has invested a great deal into making interlocking coils that are up to the task of lasting time. These coils ensure extra durability and a long-lasting, hard-working, dependable mattress.

However, Rest Assured didn’t leave it there. They have installed luxury fillings to ensure a deep and precious night’s sleep; feel the quality help you drift off to dreamland in warm and plush serenity. To make sure these valuable dreams aren’t interrupted by sneezing and itching, the mattress is hygienic and allergy free ensuring a break for your overworked senses. Set your mind, body, and allergies at ease by laying down on one of these.

Rest Assured Orthopaedic – Double Bed

To top it all of we have a luxurious sleeping surface for your ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. The surface shapes to your body, offering support yet giving way in all the right places to properly align your posture for the perfect peace at night in your palace. After all this excellent talk about resting – we decided we couldn’t let you link any of this with work. So, we designed our no-turn technology and applied it to your mattress. That’s right, with the Orthopaedic mattress you don’t have to flip it or turn it. Just lay down worry free and feel your body being set at ease.

Finally, this incredible mattress boasts a two-year guarantee, with a twelve-year service warranty and a weight allowance of one hundred kilograms per person for each side. This mattress has so much to offer for something in its price class.

Facts & Features:

  • Infinite Coil mattress
  • Luxurious sleeping surface
  • Superior sleep support system
  • Interlocking coils with dual-directional response
  • Increased pressure distribution for maximum comfort
  • No sagging edges – reinforced edge support
  • Perfect sleeping posture support
  • No-Turn mattress
  • 12 Year Service Warranty
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • 100kg Per Person

Width = 137cm, Length = 188cm, Thickness = 27cm