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Rest Assured Oxford Bed

R 24,029.00

R 28,698.00

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R 24,029.00

R 28,698.00

You save R 4,669.00
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Queen XL
R 24,029.00
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Rest Assured Oxford Bed

Comfort Level

25 Years Service Warranty

2.5 Year Guarantee

Weight Limit

150 kg per person

Product Description

Sometimes you need to sit still and listen to the rain drip-dropping. Or you need to take a long, slow, sip of your fresh brewed coffee. Sometimes, you need to experience the small things. When we designed the Rest Assured Oxford Bed, we had a deep realization of the importance of the “small things” in life. For that reason, we paid attention to every detail, fine-tuned every flaw, and perfected every essence of the Oxford mattress. Don’t believe me? Let me show you:

The Oxford boasts fully imported Viscos Fabric for your ultimate comfort and delight because you deserve it. Our mattress boasts a hundred percent natural latex material dutifully cleaned and allergy-free to ensure your ease. Added to this we have luxurious dual sided sleeping surfaces. All of these factors contribute to the feel and essence of the Oxford.  And this is making it stand above the rest in representation and consideration to the feeling of pampering and care.

From our Evolution Range, the Rest Assured Oxford Bed:

Memory foam fillings make for unrivaled comfort and aid in a luxurious sleeping experience. Feel the foam and coils mold to your shape and provide relief which are speeding up recoveries and improving restful sleep.

Our hand-tufted pocket spring mattress boasts heat tempered, ultra-tough coils, and minimal motion transfer between partners. These features ensure firmness, support, and comfort. We even added motion separation technology with side stitching for the very best experience for both partners on the same mattress.

In addition to slowing down, we believe in the need to reduce stress in today’s hectic world. For this reason, we offer a fifteen-year service warranty. Also, the weight allowance for each partner on each side is one-hundred and twenty-five kg.So, there you have, why we believe we are offering you quality, detail orientated, mattress. If you are tempted, why not check out one of our Oxford Mattresses at your nearest Mattress Warehouse? We would love to serve you.

Comfort Level


Beds in this comfort scale usually fits most people’s needs. 3 Rating beds can be seen as the equilibrium of the sleeping styles. They are perfect for guest bedrooms and are also well suited for the hospitality industry. This bed is normally soft enough for the average side sleeper and supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers.

Want to know how mattress Comfort levels are rated?

Bed Sizes

Queen XL152 cm x 200 cm
Queen152 cm x 188 cm
King XL183 cm x 200 cm
King183 cm x 188 cm


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