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Sealy Cot Mattress



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Sealy Cot Mattress
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You save R 300.00
10% OFF!

Sealy Cot Mattress


1 Year Guarantee

Weight Limit

50 kg per person

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Product Description

Since babies generally spend a lot more time sleeping, it is fair to say investing in a good quality baby mattress is essential. Moreover, they can be very sensitive to allergens and bacteria which you also need to be mindful of. Water, sweat and other liquids can all affect their health and hygiene. The Sealy Cot Mattress provides the perfect solution! Below are some undeniable features your little one will definitely benefit from using.

Non-allergic fabric
Many fabrics contain allergens that can cause a lot of unwanted irritation and itchiness. The Sealy Cot Mattress eliminates this issue with its non-allergic fabric. Furthermore, the cot mattress is covered with an Aloe Vera fabric that is soft to the touch and enhances comfort. It will ensure that your baby’s maintained with adequate sleep hygiene.

Antibacterial finish
Fabric is prone to house bacteria from time to time. This can cause your mattress to become unhygienic and can leave your child at risk. The antibacterial finish on the Sealy Cot Baby mattress will greatly reduce this effect and further promote good hygiene.

PU film barrier
The PU film barrier acts as an excellent additional layer of protection. Liquids and spillages can greatly damage your mattress. This barrier has the unique dual purpose of being waterproof in case the baby’s nappy doesn’t make the cut and keeping dust mites away. You all know that babies can be messy, that is why the Baby Cot Mattress is easy to clean. To wash away spillage, simply wipe the mattress with a damp cloth.  

Low profile pocket system
The low profile pocket spring system offers outstanding support over the whole surface of the mattress. Pocket spring systems are very popular and are known for benefits such as, pressure relief, durability, firmness and extreme comfort.

Sealy Cot Baby Mattress summary:

  • Dimensions: 132x66x10 cm
  • Non-allergic fabric 
  • Antibacterial finish
  • Aloe Vera for an extra soft touch
  • PU film barrier
  • Low profile pocket spring system

At The Mattress Warehouse, we provide some great quality mattresses like this Sealy Cot Mattress and many other specials. Place your order today and enjoy our free delivery service in the main city hubs.


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Why Sealy?

Sealy beds have been at the pinnacle of innovation, quality and research since 1881. Through the years Sealy has proudly delivered nothing short of comfort and magnificence. Take a look at these beautiful mattresses.

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