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Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Firm – Queen Bed

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Product Description

Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Firm – Queen Bed

Ideal for the Following Sleeping Styles:

  • Back Sleeper
  • Stomach Sleeper
Product Information:

The Lindsay Firm is a dream bed!

The Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Firm Bed is in a class of its own, a luxurious bed, perfect for blissful sleep. Furthermore, the graceful design in combination with the lush fabrics makes the Lindsay firm one of the most popular beds out there. Furthermore, the Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Firm – Queen Bed provides ample support for those who suffer from back injuries.

Climate Control and Breathability:

For Comfort and Health.
The outside layers of the Lindsay Firm mattress are bursting with fantastic technology! This mattress has cool-to-the-touch technology, which allows the surface of the bed to stay cool throughout the night. A cool sleeping surface enhances sleep quality; the mattress won’t trap body heat. Furthermore, this cool-to-the-touch technology allows for proper ventilation ensuring core temperature regulation. Lastly, air movement through the mattress stops dust from building up.


To Safeguard You Against Allergies.
One in every two people with allergies suffers from sleep deprivation. Dust mites play a significant role in inducing allergic reactions in people. The Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Firm mattress has a built-in anti-allergy layer; this technology ensures a dust mite free mattress. Furthermore, the Allergen-Protect will keep your mattress clean and fresh.

Moisture Protect:

To Draw Moisture Away from Your Body.
When we sleep, our core temperature decreases, but our skin temperature increases slightly. This can cause sweat to build upon our skin. The Lindsay Firm’s moisture protect technology draws the sweat away from our skin as soon as it starts to build up. Consequently, your sleep temperature will be regulated and you will enjoy a luxurious and blissful nights rest.

Wool Filling:

To Create the Perfect Sleeping Climate.
The luxurious outer layers of the Lindsay Mattress consists of a wool layer. This sensational wool layer plays an essential role in regulating body temperature. With its natural ability to both warm and cool the body, this fleecy layer ensures a comfortable sleeping climate regulation, all year round.

Zone Support:

High-Density Foam for Posture Support.
The Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Firm Mattress is perfect for posture support, especially for back sleepers. Additionally, the top centre of the mattress contains a high-density foam layer,  providing extra support for your lower back. Consequently, your back muscles will also be supported and relaxed.

Pressure Relieving Foams:

For Additional Extra Support.
Inter-layered Reflex Latex foam and Gel Foam provides the perfect foundation of support in the mattress. Furthermore, the layers will support and comfort your body throughout the night.

Duraflex Foam Encased Edge Support:

Quality Foam Provides Support to the Mattress Edges.
Duraflex Foam encasing ensures that you can utilise the full surface of your mattress when you sleep. Moreover, the Duraflex high-density foam is super supportive and ensures that the mattress retains its shape.

Exclusive DSx Sense & Respond Spring System:

Smart Technology for Body Support.
The fantastic Lindsay Firm mattress has an Exclusive DSx Sense & Respond spring system. This unique spring system senses how your body-weight distribution on the bed. As a result, the springs will push back according to the amount of body-weight on each spring. So, when you sleep you will enjoy perfect body support.   

To Summarise:

The Sealy Crown Jewel Lindsay Firm – Queen Bed:

  • Climate Control and Breathability
  • Allergen Protection
  • Moisture Protect
  • Wool Filling
  • Zone Support
  • Pressure Relieving Foams
  • Duraflex Foam Edge Support
  • Exclusive DSx Sense & Respond Spring System
  • 3 Guarantee
  • 12 Year Service Warranty
  • Weight Limit of 135 kg per person per side
  • Ideal for Back and Stomach Sleepers
  • Comfort Level-2
  • Ideal for Master Bedrooms
  • Children will love this bed too!

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Facts & Features:

  • Climate control & breathability promotes a comfortable sleeping environment
  • Allergen Protect
  • Moisture Protect draws moisture away from your body, keeping you comfortable
  • Wool filling maintains the perfect bed climate
  • High density foam centre provides body support in the centre third of the mattress
  • Pressure relieving foams, Reflex Latex foam & Gel foam, provide resilient support
  • Duraflex high density foam encased border, surrounds and supports the edge of the spring system
  • Exclusive DSx Sense & Respond Spring system senses body weight and responds with extra deep-down push back support
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • 135kg per person

Width = 152cm, Length = 188cm

Super Firm – This comfort rating is a hard one to stomach. Literally, beds with a comfort rating of 1 are made specifically for back sleepers. You might as well sleep on the floor if you’re going for the side or stomach approach with this level of firmness. This bed focuses on spine alignment and has little padding. If you’re a stomach sleeper, this bed will have you counting sheep all night long.
Medium Firmness – This bed is similar to a 1 rating, in terms of keeping your spine aligned and sleeping on your back. However, a 2 is also suitable for stomach sleepers who enjoy a little more firmness. Such a mattress does offer a little more padding to stomach and back sleepers, but it is usually a little too hard for you side folk.
Medium Comfort – Beds in this comfort scale usually fits most people’s needs. 3 Rating beds can be seen as the equilibrium of the sleeping styles. They are perfect for guest bedrooms and are also well suited for the hospitality industry. This bed is normally soft enough for the average side sleeper and supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers.
Nice and soft – This comfort rating is ideal for side sleepers, as well as back sleepers who want to experience the sensation of being embraced by the mattress. A 4 comfort level mattress should not be considered by a stomach sleeper, as the softness will cause an unwanted arch in the back. A mattress like this focuses less on back support and more on pressure relief.
Sleeping on Marshmallows – Ever wonder what sinking into clouds would feel like? Well, here you go. The 5 comfort rating is the precipice of pressure relief. Beds with this rating are absolutely perfect for those side sleepers who want peak comfort. They are also suitable to some back sleepers who want to maximize pressure relief. This bed should be avoided by a stomach sleeper, as it will guarantee a visit to the chiropractor.