Serta Castor – King XL Mattress

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Product Description

The Castor Flip-Free Pillow Top mattress is uniquely equipped to improve sleep quality vastly. As a proud member of the PerfectSleeper Range, it is uniquely engineered focussing on rising above the five common sleep problems. They are: tossing and turning, lack of support, poor body temperature, partner disturbance and sagging sides which cause mattress roll-off. The PerfectSleeper Range also partners with the National Sleep Foundation of America as its official mattress. The Serta Castor – King XL Mattress boasts a pocketed spring system, with a medium firmness and euro top design. It is backed by Serta, known for being America’s number one mattress manufacturer, and women’s choice award 2014-2017 with eighty-five years of expertise to offer. Also, the Castor has a ten-year warranty and a three-year guarantee.

From the PerfectSleeper range, here’s the Serta Castor – King XL Mattress

With this In-line Tempered Contra Rotating Pocket Spring Unit the Pocket Spring Technology used is first heated and then formed for longer lasting results.  The shape is held longer than the standard procedure, which is first formed and then heated. This wire retains its memory. Compressed inside each’s pockets, this radically reduces height loss while the coils positioned to face each other, achieve enhanced support. As a PerfectSleeper product, the Castor is even foam encased to combat slanting sides. There’s no feeling of unevenness, by increasing the sleeping surface and strengthening the sides to support individuals of up to 130kg each.

Being a single-surfaced sleep solution thanks to the lovely flip-free technology, this mattress only needs rotations for utmost ease and convenience. Please consult the unique warranty card of your mattress for specifics. As a PerfectSleeper, the Serta Castor – King XL Mattress boasts BioCare Fabric painstakingly crafted with years of research. Nano-technological yarns are being used, with a unique weaving system. In this way, the fabric obtains electromagnetic screening. By preventing electromagnetic waves from making contact with, and disturbing the body by an impressive 98.5%, it effectively proves itself as a magnetic barrier.

As mattress and base are designed to work together we recommend buying them as a package. However, should this not be your choice merely ensure that the mattress rests on flat top, not the foundation (usually slats) to best protect your mattress. Please feel free to contact us for advice and guidance. Our bases are expertly developed using kiln-dried timber. It is also designed with a flat top supported by timber slats and six perfect legs.

Not yet convinced? Here’s more:

The mattress has an advanced system of multiple support fibre layers, Gel-Infused Memory Foam and Pure Dense Foam. It luxuriously and exclusively serves Serta to provide the ultimate neutral and relaxed sleeping posture. And as a result, reduces discomfort like tossing and turning. The two incredible foams are dazzlingly resilient and prevent indentation. It also reduces body impressions for a more comfortable sleeping surface for the long haul that keeps your body cool. Furthermore, the exclusively designed High Strength Insulator Spring Pad is dedicated to protecting your pad from being eroded by the springs and dispersing pressure. It also reduces wear on the Castor’s elite fibre and foam pads that serve to deter bugs and mites. It improves airflow and aid in balancing body temperature by dispersing pressure and heat.


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Facts & Features:

  • Encourages proper back support & alignment
  • Pocket Spring Technology designed for Serta is an In-line Tempered Contra Rotating Pocket Spring Unit
  • Helps reduce tossing & turning
  • Unique combination of premium multiple support fibre layers, Gel-Infused Memory Foam and pure dense foam
  • Rotation cycle technology, Flip-Free Technology
  • Promotes balanced sleep, now enhanced with Biocare Fabric
  • Help prevent contact of electromagnetic waves with body by 98.5% during sleep
  • Base is manufactured using Kiln-dried timber, with flat top, supported with timber slats & 6 legs
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • 130kg per person

Width = 183cm, Length = 200cm

Super Firm – This comfort rating is a hard one to stomach. Literally, beds with a comfort rating of 1 are made specifically for back sleepers. You might as well sleep on the floor if you’re going for the side or stomach approach with this level of firmness. This bed focuses on spine alignment and has little padding. If you’re a stomach sleeper, this bed will have you counting sheep all night long.
Medium Firmness – This bed is similar to a 1 rating, in terms of keeping your spine aligned and sleeping on your back. However, a 2 is also suitable for stomach sleepers who enjoy a little more firmness. Such a mattress does offer a little more padding to stomach and back sleepers, but it is usually a little too hard for you side folk.
Medium Comfort – Beds in this comfort scale usually fits most people’s needs. 3 Rating beds can be seen as the equilibrium of the sleeping styles. They are perfect for guest bedrooms and are also well suited for the hospitality industry. This bed is normally soft enough for the average side sleeper and supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers.
Nice and soft – This comfort rating is ideal for side sleepers, as well as back sleepers who want to experience the sensation of being embraced by the mattress. A 4 comfort level mattress should not be considered by a stomach sleeper, as the softness will cause an unwanted arch in the back. A mattress like this focuses less on back support and more on pressure relief.
Sleeping on Marshmallows – Ever wonder what sinking into clouds would feel like? Well, here you go. The 5 comfort rating is the precipice of pressure relief. Beds with this rating are absolutely perfect for those side sleepers who want peak comfort. They are also suitable to some back sleepers who want to maximize pressure relief. This bed should be avoided by a stomach sleeper, as it will guarantee a visit to the chiropractor.