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Waterproof Pillow Protector

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Waterproof Pillow Protector

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Product Description

If you haven’t checked out our pillows, such as the Orthopedic Squeeze Me – Latex Pillow, do so now. As you can see, our pillows are top notch. They provide incredible comfort and come with benefits that are irresistible. The pillow above, in particular, comes with an orthopedic Belgian organic cotton cover, which is something worth protecting. This is precisely where our Waterproof Pillow Protector comes in to save the day. Why do you need a pillow protector though? Let’s explore that:

  • You have young children, or you regularly host young children. Kids brighten our lives, but can also brighten our possessions with unwanted substances, like cold drinks, paint or whatever creativity they can come up with. This uncertain variable is precisely why you want to invest in a pillow protector. Think about it and spell the words, Belgian organic cotton cover softly to yourself. Do you want that to be destroyed? Of course not, which is why a waterproof pillow protector is worth the investment. You don’t need a waterproof protector on your pillow at all times. We can assure you though; it is a sound piece of insurance.
  • Sports nights or outdoor hang-outs. Guys can get carried away when their favorite sports team performs in any which direction. Having a pillow protector handy, is not a bad idea when the jeers or cheers start happening. Most people also enjoy having soft pillows outdoors, for various reasons. Pillows complement life, especially when you’re lying on the grass, gazing at the stars, or even if you’re just sitting around a fire with your friends. A pillow protector is essential in any of these environments. It will ensure your pillow is protected from all of the elements.

Our Waterproof Pillow Protector comes with the following features:

  • They’re waterproof – of course – with a breathable membrane which provides a complete barrier against spills and stains and also, dust mites.
  • The UREAMAX membrane is also eco-friendly and toxic free and approved by SGS/ASTM F963 testing.
  • The hot melt glue used is a solvent and formaldehyde free adhesive. This means there are no harmful carcinogenic properties to be found in these waterproof pillow protectors.
  • The anti-microbial properties of the membrane reduce the chances of an allergic response.
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